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Stevens Pass - The Crest of the Cascades

Stevens Pass is a place that feeds our thirst for adventure. While each person experiences Stevens Pass uniquely, we do have one thing in common: we are all part of the snow-centric Stevens Pass family, and together we are celebrating our 85th anniversary this year. The passion for what we do is palpable and shared amongst all visitors at this unique mountain that somehow always feels like home. Families have learned here, children have grown here, and come back with children of their own to pass on the sheer joy of skiing and riding here at the crest of the Cascades.

Stevens Pass is a truly special place with deep powder, rolling groomed runs to steep slopes, surrounded by trees and nestled into the mountains. It is a picture-perfect ski area on a blue bird day and a place that sees rapid replenishment of snowpack with many series of winter storms.

It is home to a community of full-time, part-time and first-time winter crusaders enjoying the very best of the Cascades – from numerous bowls, glades and faces to extensive lighted terrain for skiing and riding well into the evening. It’s a place that connects us to what we love most – skiing and riding.

With an annual snowfall averaging 460” each year, 1,125 acres of diverse skiable terrain, it’s no wonder everyone keeps coming back for more.


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