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TG Studio - London Riverside Penthouse

London’s new riverfront address is the Albert Embankment Plaza which has direct views over the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. On top of the Plaza’s central building and occupying the entire floor space of tower one is The Penthouse. The unit spans over two floors with a 3rd floor roof terrace covering the entire footprint of the floors below. Breath-taking panoramic views over the whole of London can be enjoyed from all rooms from the 22nd , 23rd and of course uninterrupted on the 24th floor roof terrace.

TG-Studio was again asked by St James to interior design the penthouse to create a personalized and luxurious lifestyle for its potential owner. Our design took inspiration from the curved architecture of the building by renowned award winning global architects Foster & Partners.

Two lifts give access to a private lobby and lead to a hallway with triple height volume and a panoramic window overseeing the river Thames. From here one can enter a double height space used as a private office overseen by a reception room on the upper floor. The rest of the floor 22nd floor provides private accommodation including 4 bedrooms all with en-suites and dressing rooms. The upper floor is laid out for entertaining in an open plan way, winding itself around the core of the building. The terrace is reached by the helical staircase; it is one of the highest points in the area and occupies most of the entire floor plate of the tower. Outside seating and dining is supported by an outside kitchen and connected to the lower floor by dumb waiter.

To achieve a unique interior design many items are bespoke, have been designed by us, and made specifically for this project.

The main entry gives access into a triple height hall of exciting dimensions, in its heart the helix staircase with its glass balustrade. In its center hangs a bespoke sculpture of 200 porcelain leaves in bone china and 14k gold luster by Haberdashery. The leaves hang in varying lengths from the 8-meter-high ceiling, like a swarm of leaves in the wind. TG-Studio has added a curved wall into this space creating the hall and a private office. Each wall segment contains a lit display recess and a bespoke curved sofa covered in luscious dark red velvet. The curved wall opens in its center and in line with the eye of the spiral staircase it leads into the front room. Each recess showcases a lit glass sculpture made by polish glass artist Adam Jablonski.

A Bespoke writing desk and bench (three complementing fabrics) has a sand colored inset leather detail just as the leather armchair. The set of armchairs are of an Italian design upholstered in velvet and a bouclee fabric which means it is looped and extra soft for that luxurious look and feel. The bar unit is bespoke with lacquered eucalyptus veneer on the doors. The aubergine feature joinery has a ripple effect lacquer and displays a grouping of ammonites. TG-studio designed two recessed shelving units in dark stained oak with highlights backing in classic Hermes colors.

TG Studio designed and dressed the mezzanine space as a welcoming, relaxing and calming room with a focus on art and sculpture. A feature and unique 3.4m long sideboard separates the hall volume from the rest of the room- overlooking the private office. The sideboards are also unique, minimal in appearance and discreetly featuring a marble detail doubling up the vertical members. Ample space for collectables and other things to display. The central sofa is positioned to take in the view and covered in a luxurious mix of two fabrics, burgundy velvet and another Hermes fabric inspired by equestrian blankets. The coffee table is made by Julian Chichester in bronze and steel, its shape mixes the square with a soft round base.

In the heart of the entertaining floor is the only square shaped room, the dining room. TG designed a very special table ‘broken’ into two parts, oval in shape and of very comfortable proportion - it easily sits a party of 10. The real reason the table is in two parts was purely to get it into the apartment but the broken design allows for 2 smaller tables should the occasion dictate. The curvy break is intended only to be a few centimeters wide. The dining ware is from Vera Wang, a unique design of gold floral prints on china, the glasses and carafes are too, a rather minimal design with a unique cut line in crystal. The main feature is the bespoke joinery, the wine bar unit. It houses 2 Sub Zero wine fridges and ample storage for the wine enthusiast. The finishes are stained oak, veined marble and antique mirror.

In the TV room, the fabric scheme was inspired by the late 19th century British designer William Morris who often used greens and orange in his beautiful wallpapers. The bespoke sofa follows the curve of the floor to ceiling windows. The joinery unit, housing the 80 inch TV and surround sound system, offers ample storage and is finished in bronze and dark oak. The side tables add an eclectic touch, one offers a top made out of blue Achat stone, the other has a brass base in the shape of a bush with an acrylic top. A half oval oak table has been added to the very stylish kitchen surrounded by five blue leather upholstered dining chairs.

The master bedroom design is aiming to achieve a similar soft and feminine touch as the private office. The headboard joinery grounds the room and adds storage and a luxurious feel to this amazing suite. The smooth dark stained oak framing is nicely contrasting the textured multi-colored fabric, a good setting for the super King size bed. Wall lights and bedside table lights add to the lighting moods within the room. The side table in similar colors is made out of glass and looks like a construct of jewels. The make-up table is from a Portuguese joiner and made in solid brass, gloss lacquer and internally pear wood.

At the other side of the building are the other bedroom suites 2 and 3, each featuring tall headboards and large king size beds. Bedroom 2, which has a more masculine tone, contains an aged plum leather upholstered armchair with a curvy side table. The bedside tables are inspired by antique suitcases. The armchair in Bedroom 3 swivels and is upholstered in a black, gold and white fabric from Hermes. The dressing table is made out of brass and two types of stone. It is a rare match of a white veined marble with a green marble. A delicate oval mirror fits with the more feminine décor of the room. The bedside lights are made out of mouth blown glass. The bed in the smaller Bedroom 4 is covered with a Chanel type fabric by Elitis matched by a linen fabric. The bed side tables are bespoke in oak with a leather detail.


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