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The 7 Best Golf Courses In Australia

Australian golf courses are among the most unique destinations for golf enthusiasts since they provide the players with unique and exquisite experiences. The courses have gained global acclaim, with most professional golfers enjoying competing in Australian tournaments held on these courses. Furthermore, most of them are open to the public and have reasonable rates.

Aside from that, you don't have to be a citizen to play on the courses. All you need to do is book a golfing holiday and try out the most superior courses in the country. You may pay for a golf trip with packages and enjoy the numerous offerings, including accommodation and transport. But before you do so, you must first learn about the best golf courses in Australia, which are as follows:

1. Barnbougle Dunes

This is an 18-hole golf course with spectacular scenery. It's a links golf course located in northeast Tasmania near Bridport and is among the best courses in Australia. In a links golf course, the golfer will have to work with the course's natural elements, like trees and grass. This course's layout is a combination of sandy waste and luscious dunes.

One thing you can enjoy about Barnbougle Dunes is the par-71 design. In golf courses, par is the number of strokes a player needs to complete a hole. With this design, golfers won’t need to hit the ball with a lot of force, but it does allow them to use power to their advantage at specific points. Regardless of your level of expertise, you can have fun on this course because of the gorgeous scenery and the green complex, which accepts a variety of shots.

2. Peninsula Kingswood

Peninsula Kingswood is known for its remarkable golf facilities. It underwent a series of renovations in the past few years, giving it exceptional surfaces, bunkering, and green complexes. It also has exciting turns and good elevation.

In addition to its fantastic courses, Peninsula Kingswood offers more advanced practice facilities, a gymnasium, tennis court, an indoor swimming pool, and luxurious accommodations. The clubhouse has eight splendid accommodation rooms. Moreover, it contains extensive on-course villas with spacious living rooms and a deck that gives you a full view of the course and its environments.

3. Cape Wickham Links

Another exceptional golf course in Australia is the Cape Wickham Links. This course has a fantastic visual spectacle with an excellent cool breeze hitting you while playing. One thing that makes it a memorable links-style course is that every hole gives you an extensive ocean view. The holes merge the landscape, making them look like they exist naturally.

4. Kingston Heath Golf Club

One captivating feature that makes Kingston Heath Golf Club unique is the flexibility in generating various layouts. Unlike other courses that allow conventional nine-in, nine-out layouts, Kingston has 19 holes.

In addition to being a top-notch golf course, it makes a fantastic location for business events. It has already hosted numerous significant tournaments and welcomed guests from various countries and states, placing it third among Australia’s finest courses.

5. The National Golf Club-Gunnamatta Course

Previously known as Ocean Course, the National Golf Club is a private club that gives its members access to 72 golf holes, one 30-drive away course, and three on-site courses. As a guest, you can visit this club only when a current member invites you.

This course was first opened in 2000, but in 2019, it was refurbished, where the style, design, and routes of the holes changed. Sixteen of the holes, excluding the first and last holes, were re-routed with various holes directly facing the Bass Strait. This renovation has led to a more easy-to-play course where you can use the shapes to your advantage.

6. New South Wales Golf Club

Undoubtedly, New South Wales Golf Club (NSW GC) is one of Australia's most amazing courses and is also ranked highly globally. It's located around La Perouse in the northern part of Botany. NWS GC gives you the best experience as you can enjoy beautiful scenery and views. Its fantastic combination of charming scenic vistas, undulating fairways, and repelling slopes make it a unique course. Besides that, it has a fabulous clubhouse that blends first-rate comfort and conventional architecture.

You can encounter practice services: chipping, overall length driving range, and hitting nets. However, this course has no weekend times, but you can only be permitted if a member extends an invitation to you.

7. Royal Melbourne Golf -West Course

Royal Melbourne Golf-West Course is one of Australia's oldest and finest golf courses. It offers a unique experience to both guests and members. One thing you can enjoy in this course is the view of local wildlife, including deer and hawks. Aside from that, the clubhouse is a suitable location for special events like weddings.


One of the best ways to enjoy your vacation in Australia is by playing golf. As a golf enthusiast, you may want to choose the best course for your tournament and have a great experience. Fortunately, Australia has various courses, making it easy to select the one that meets your needs. This way, you can spend quality time doing what you love while having the most memorable experiences.

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