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Timberlyne - Our Rural Heritage, Reinvented For Modern Times.

Situated in the heart of rural America, this barn home by Timberlyne is something you can’t help but notice, stop, and reminisce. It has an iconic barn shape that pays homage to the barns of yesteryear yet has an inviting and even mesmerizing appeal. The terms barn home, barndominium, and farmhouse are all buzzing in the residential world, and for good reason. People are moving back to the countryside, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the cities in droves. This movement to rural America has a new group of consumers finding themselves researching the process and options of building a home.

It is no surprise that this barn home style by Timberlyne has taken off in popularity. The strength, beauty, and sustainability of wood are all factors today’s savvy consumers expect in their forever home. Post and beam construction allows them to build something that will last the test of time as well as be sustainable and surprisingly efficient. By utilizing Timberlyne’s superior package and build process, families can live in something that allows them the opportunity to pass the home down to future generations. In real time, it’s a gathering place for growing families to reconnect and build new memories.

This home has quite the curb appeal outside, starting on the roof with those large cupolas. The large timber frame porch is both welcoming and functional. Step inside and you’ll immediately look up to the stunning post and beam construction with exposed timbers. This is no ordinary home, as if you couldn’t already? tell. The warmth and coziness are something that you won’t find in a typical new home which can feel a bit sterile. The farmhouse theme is continued into the kitchen which opens up to the great room and dining areas. The beauty of post and beam construction is the posts are load bearing allowing for large open spaces without the need of walls for additional support. You can just imagine the gatherings with families and friends that occur in this space.

Upstairs in “the loft” is a master suite with vista views of a river valley and in the opposite direction, an overlook into the garage space. From here you get a birds-eye view of the stunning post and beam frame. Again, this is no ordinary home, or garage for that matter. The bottom level (yes, these can be built on basements) offers up another large family room and additional bedrooms and bathrooms. The flexibility of a Timberlyne structure is amazing, just like this home.

Timberlyne was formed by the unification of Sand Creek Post & Beam and Texas Timber Frames. Two powerhouses in the wood industry, now offering a full line of timber products on a national level. They specialize in homes, barns, and commercial applications and have produced thousands of projects across the nation and beyond. From lake homes and mountain cabins to traditional horse barns and everything in between, you won’t find two identical structures. Our custom design ability and flexibility of styles allows for unique creations. To learn more, visit or join the huge communities following them on social media.


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