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Time to Think About That Much Needed Vacation for 2021

The use of private jets is likely to increase significantly during 2021, as possible restrictions begin to ease later on in the year and the majority of people yearn to jet away to sunny, idyllic paradises to make up for lost time in 2020. Flying privately could certainly be beneficial with regards to health and safety, as you will not be mixing with hundreds of other passengers like you would on a commercial flight and the aircraft would be thoroughly sanitized with only essential staff on board. So it will be the ideal travel solution this year.

Packing Essentials

If you are only going to be away for a few nights then essentially you will need the minimum of luxury luggage, with a capsule wardrobe so that you can remain stylish yet not have to carry too many heavy bags with you. You might also need a watch to keep an eye on times so that you are not late for your flight or just like to be organized for your trip and keep to a strict schedule.

Travel in Comfort

With demand likely to increase more within the next few months you will certainly need to hire your private jet rental in enough time to ensure you get to your destination stress free and in luxurious comfort. You could go for a lovely, relaxing weekend in Miami and head to Fort Lauderdale’s Executive Airport in your private jet, sipping a glass of champagne, with a book in hand, reclining in comfort, as you admire the stunning beach views prior to landing. You could then head to one of the Venetian Islands and stay in a gorgeous apartment with panoramic views overlooking the sea.

Hire A Chef for All Your Culinary Needs

The last thing you want to be worrying about when you are on vacation in your villa is what groceries to purchase and what to cook for dinner, so why not ensure you bring a personal chef with you on your travels, or hire one when you are based in your villa so that you know you will always have exquisite, delicious meals cooked how you like.

Endless Vacation Destinations

Essentially it will be a much smoother transition opting to travel on a private jet as you will encounter less delays then you would compared to being on a commercial flight and will certainly spend more time in the air than you would usually when sitting around for hours at an airport when delays occur. The choice available is plentiful with over 19,622 airports in the US of which at least 4,000 of them are private based airports. You are not just limited to US airports, if you feel the urge to head to the Amalfi Coast in Italy or the infamous Cote d’Azur near Nice and Cannes, options are plentiful for worldwide private flights. The sky’s the limit really.

Life’s a Yacht

When you are in vacation mode, there is also the option of hiring a private yacht to reach your ideal holiday destination. By doing so you are able to reach more exclusive locations at your own comfort, with the ultimate hospitality on board provided and the opportunity to swim in gorgeous secluded areas, to suit your itinerary needs and party size. You will not be tied down to tedious schedules or have to share facilities with strangers.

The Option of Purchasing a Second Home

If you prefer instead a trip further afield for calm and tranquility, then there is always the exclusive Oil Nut Bay situated in the British Virgin Islands. You could arrive either by helicopter or private yacht with the option of luxurious suites to rent or if you are inclined, build your own home. Why not? There would be an array of activities to choose from such as snorkelling, sailing, diving, hiking, cycling or keeping up your fitness regime at the indoor gym, along with paradise bliss to just enjoy at your leisure.

Considering 2020 was a very stressful year for many, the need to take a vacation in 2021 has increased exponentially, so organize yours in advance. Once the pandemic eases and life gradually returns to normal, bookings will increase even more. So gather your loved ones together and jet away to an idyllic paradise and forget about all your troubles as soon as you can. Goodness knows you need it.


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