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Tips to Have a Virtual Baby Shower

You might be apprehensive about having people around you during a pandemic, especially when carrying a child. Also, your loved ones may be in different places, so you need to facilitate a virtual party. It can provide a better alternative to accommodate multiple people. Here are some tips to have a virtual baby shower.

Create Nice Decorations

Outside of wearing your favorite purple baby shower dress, you need to make sure the décor is right. You might consider doing a live event with some of your closest friends and relative. Decorate the background with a baby theme to people in that vibe.

Your guests feel more a part of the event because of the time you put into the wall design. It creates an atmosphere that allows your virtual guests to feel a party vibe. Incorporate some soothing music to set the mood as well.

You might want to get your audience to participate in the event by having the baby colors or even a shirt supporting the new family.

Send Out Invitations

You can send these out by mail with a picture of the spouses. Also, you can give information such as where to send the gifts such as a baby swing, or how they can buy from a baby registry. It creates better organization weeks before the event.

If people like digital things, you can send out an Evite with all of the details of the virtual event. A private link is perfect for your guests to access to make it more of an intimate gathering. Invitations help people save the date to take off work or clear their schedule for a couple of hours.

List the Events

Consider creating a schedule for the party. Maybe you want people to say some nice things to kick the event off. Then you can go into some virtual games.

You can talk about guessing the baby's gender/name, where the spouses met, or even their favorite things. Not to mention, you can have a music game like naming the song title or solving a puzzle. Make things more interactive with your guests.

The final part of the event can be gift opening. You can label who gave you the gift and show everyone in the chat. Also, you can send a “Thank You” card later on to your guests as a good gesture for their generosity.

Having an online baby reveal party can keep everyone together safely and comfortably.


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