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Tropic Ocean Airways - Direct to Yacht by Seaplane

When it comes to safety, value and convenience, there’s no substitute to flying direct to a yacht by seaplane. This is more important than ever since avoiding large crowds at international airports or cities has become paramount for travel. Tropic Ocean Air Guests can fly privately to Fort Lauderdale and then simply board one of our seaplanes that can land on the water next to a yacht that’s anchored in a remote private cove within hours (and sometimes minutes). Plus, since they have Bahamas Customs on-property, guests can pre-clear before departing which allows a seamless experience upon arrival.

Seaplane transportation to yachts at anchor is also one of the hottest trends in yachting because it saves the time it takes to fly into a crowded international airport, and then drive to the marina, and then motor to a secluded spot. Given the cost of charters, this reduction in travel time from 9 hours to less than 2 on your first and last day could save tens of thousands in value. By using a seaplane direct to the boat, the guest gains the one thing they can’t get back in vacation - time with friends or loved ones.

Planning and preparing for a flight to a yacht involves turnkey coordination. Aircrew and boat captains are briefed for safety and airline operation departments work through the logistics of fuel and landing locations. In addition, flight coordinators pull the resources needed together for a seamless event. All the background work is hidden to ensure the guest has a smooth experience, allowing them to begin their vacation the minute they are greeted by a Tropic Ocean Airways representative.

With leather seating for up to eight guests and a two-pilot crew, the new Cessna Grand Caravan EX Amphibious Seaplanes are a blend of luxury, romance of flight and modern technology. All-glass flight instruments, weather avoidance radar, and advanced communication ensure the guest the safest flight experience possible. Each plane can also be configured for cargo-only allowing an added level of flexibility to meet the needs of the yacht crew and owners.

With only a short notice required, guests can arrive or depart to a boat cruising on demand. This immediate access opens the door to direct delivery of parts, food, drink, or other items needed without requiring the marina to enhance the overall experience.

For years, captains have depended on Tropic Ocean Airways to transport owners and guests directly to their vessels, dockside or seaside. Aside from passenger travel, Tropic Ocean Airways also provides yacht provisioning services, helps with crew rotations, non-medical emergency departures and can also bring repair technicians and parts direct to the boat and quickly.

Tropic Ocean Airways offers services from New York City, Palm Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale to yachts in the Northeast, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Antigua, and beyond.

Quotes from Guests and Partners:

“The ‘getting to your yacht’ part can often be just as important as the ‘spending time on your yacht’ part. The reason our charter clients use sea planes like Tropic [Ocean Airways] is they make getting to the yacht fun and easy. It’s hard to argue with the fun factor. Landing on the water on a sea plane will make anyone feel like a kid again. And the convenience of taking off from just about anywhere in Florida and landing on the water right next to your yacht makes things very easy.”

-Bob Denison, President of Denison Yachting

“[Tropic Ocean Airways] has been an incredible service to access our yacht in various remote locations throughout the Bahamas. Because they fly you right to the back of your boat, you get an incredible birds’ eye view of the area surrounding your anchorage. It has been great for scouting beaches, diving, and fishing spots from the air while on the way to our boat. The convenience of stepping off the plane directly onto the boat is unparalleled in any other form of luxury transportation. [Tropic Ocean Airways] has delivered consistent excellent service with well-maintained aircraft, highly recommend them.”

-Motor Yacht Qing


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