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Tropic Ocean Airways - Where Luxury Takes Flight

In thinking about where to travel next and how you’ll get there, still navigating the unfamiliar waters of COVID restrictions, why not add some gusto to your arrival experience?

There’s something nostalgic about seaplane travel that’s truly romantic. It is both a bucket-list mode of travel, yet accessible enough to do over and over again. The first successful powered seaplane takeoff and landing was performed by a Frenchman in 1910. Since then, seaplanes went from being used in military combat to leisure craft, connecting even the most remote destinations. They have the ability to perform measures no other aircraft can and that remains ultimately cool.

Tropic Ocean Airways continues to connect guests with uniquely positioned locales utilizing its fleet of Cessna Caravan amphibious aircraft. Beyond islands and lakes, this summer has been full of travel to The Bahamas, where they bring guests directly to their yachts. The thrill of the water landing experience isn’t just for the guests; yacht crew also have the ease of welcoming guests directly aboard to begin their epic getaway. Now the turquoise waters of the Exumas serve as both a runway and your waterway!

This type of travel is the kind that sticks. It’s the kind that you want to repeat and never travel any other way. And you’re in luck because Tropic is rapidly expanding its fleet and its geographic footprint, with service in the Northeast, Panama and the Caribbean.

The only challenge you might have is booking the days you want because demand is so high. However, you’re in luck, because you can now purchase bulk hours to use across locations and receive preferential bookings.

Summer travel is hot and the fall is lining up to be just as robust.


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