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Vitrocsa: The Inventor of the World's Slimmest Sight Lines

Often mistaken for a sliding door system, Vitrocsa is actually based on break-through curtain wall technology. Combining structural glazing and pure precision, resulted in the creation of a uniquely elegant and operable curtain wall system, the Vitrocsa Invisible Wall.

Except for the profiles, every single component of the Vitrocsa Invisible Wall System is developed and manufactured exclusively by a watch components manufactory in Cortaillod (Switzerland) with a precision of a 1/100 of a millimeter, the standard of quality of high-end Swiss watches.

The Vitrocsa sliding and pivoting system has a vast range of possible combinations depending on the specific demands of each project. The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a polyamide thermal break for optimal energy performance. The sliding system functions on rollers on stainless steel ball bearings for a perfectly smooth sliding experience. Thanks to a clear focus on simplicity, reliability and the use of the highest quality materials, Vitrocsa can withstand the harshest climates and requires virtually no maintenance.

Originally engineered to withstand the tough climatic conditions of the Swiss Alps, it is no surprise that the Vitrocsa system recently passed US Hurricane impact tests with ease.

For a truly invisible wall experience, the frames can be concealed in the stucco or drywall, leaving just the connecting ¾" mullions as the only evidence of an operable slider. Vitrocsa offers a unique selection of proven and tested solutions including pivoting doors and counterbalanced vertical sliders, all with the same slim ¾" profile and allowing panel sizes up to 70 sqf (3001 profile) and up to 200 sqf with the special TH+ profile.

Motorization as well as very tall units are possible.Experience the exceptional freedom of design and expression that Vitrocsa provides to visionary architects. First class technical support and consultation during the design and planning phase are standard.



It was 1993 when Swiss inventors applied precision Swiss watch technology and a completely new engineering approach, to create this exciting and unique luxury product with only ¾" vertical sight lines.

Their passion for the Californian architecture of the 40’s and contemporary architecture as a whole was the driving force for their invention. In fact it was California architect Pierre Koenig’s famous Case Study House # 22, also known as the Stahl House, that provided the initial inspiration to create the Vitrocsa Invisible Wall system. The goal was to create a minimal system that would take into account modern energy requirements as well as the architectural trend to incorporate very large sliding units into buildings.

The technical and architectural requirements to which Vitrocsa conforms led to an in depth review of the operating systems of existing sliding windows. As a result, the function of glazing was modified to become a structural element that itself supports the window rather than merely filling a frame. The resulting minimal frame now serves simply as a guide along which the glass can slide.

The passion of the early Vitrocsa engineers still drives our engineering team today, to constantly develop new solutions and conserves the pioneering spirit in our search for maximum reliability and simplicity. The extreme precision relating to Vitrocsa and the passion that motivates us have allowed us to install more than 30,000 units or 1 million square feet of glazing in over 30 countries since 1993.

In 2009, VItrocsa USA became part of Goldbrecht-Systems, the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the Vitrocsa system in North America. Over 70 engineers, manufacturing specialists and other experienced staff members located in Los Angeles, CA, support over 50 high-profile Vitrocsa projects every year, from the design stage to post completion.

All over the world, from Australia to Switzerland, from the Caribbean to the United States and Canada, the Vitrocsa Invisible Wall System excites more and more visionary architects and discerning home owners with a passion for contemporary architecture and simplicity. In North America, Vitrocsa sliding walls grace contemporary works in locations such as Los Angeles, New York City, The Hamptons, Aspen, Miami FL, Palm Beach FL, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, Dallas, Connecticut, Mexico, Bermuda, and St Barth in the Caribbean.



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