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What Are Some of The Best Bonus Features That Slots Have?

Slot and video slot gamers regularly refer to "bonus features." It explains some of the extra options the player has in the game.

Early slot machines were limited to a single symbol game, which was easy to learn but quickly became repetitive even with the best uk slots. However, as the number of slot games expanded, producers sought to create variety within their products by including increasingly complex mechanisms.

Free spins, sticky wilds, cascading reels, and hundreds of additional extra features are just a few of the many that can be found in modern slot machines. One of the best things about these other features is that they can be activated in various ways, giving each slot machine its character. In some instances, these bonuses will launch a fun mini-side game while you're playing your favourite video slot machine.

With the extensive slot titles comes a variety of bonus features. Here our experts selected the best bonus features that simultaneously make the gameplay exciting and rewarding.

Free Spins

Most games have a free spins mode where you can play free games. When you work out how to get free spins on Book of Dead (or any other game it is you are interested in), the spin determines your bet and active paylines. This feature makes any free spins advantageous for any player if you're playing with the maximum wager and all active paylines.

The free spins bonus round has been the focal point of many slots created by game designers. Different scatter symbols can be collected and used to extend the game's timeline, which is only one of many unique aspects that set it apart. You may win more money playing a different slot machine that has a bet multiplier or an advanced feature.


Minigames are an example of an " interactive "feature. Minigames like this sometimes have many paths or puzzle boxes that you can take. A few of these choices typically come with completely random cash incentives. Minigames featured in progressive slots might provide you with a share of the slot machine's jackpot.

Other slots include a free spins feature that also includes minigames. For example, you could play a minigame that awards you extra spins, money, or a multiplier on your stake. As soon as you've completed this little game, you'll enter the free-spins phase, where you can use your free spins with a multiplier.

Prize Wheel

In physical slot machines, the bonus wheel is a real wheel that rotates to reveal prizes. Slot machines like Wheel of Fortune by IGT, which use a wheel to determine winners, are similar to the reward wheel. Online slot machines, however, include a moving wheel controlled by a random number generator (RNG).

The prize wheel usually appears after a single spin or when a bonus is activated. Cash prizes, multipliers, and free games are scattered across the wheel's parts. Some of the segments of the wheel may also have a jackpot.

Prize wheels decide the highest payouts in certain progressive jackpot slots, such as Microgaming's Mega Moolah. Players must spin the wheel and align the arrows when the bonus round is activated to win one of many progressive jackpots.

Gamble Feature

You may find a gamble feature on many 3-reel and older 5-reel machines. You can play a short bonus game in the gamble feature for a chance to double your prize on games like osrs bank organization. You can pay now or try your luck with the gamble option. Red/Black is a standard gamble feature where players must accurately predict the colour of the next card drawn. You can also play a Hi-Lo number-guessing game or a reward ladder game that requires some skill (such as pausing the flashing light on the correct ladder step to win more money).


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