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Gifts Designed to Meet Her Match: Trends for 2018 Holiday Season

William Henry Reports Growing Interest Among Women for Bold, More Powerful Designs

Empowered, brave, bold and fiercely independent. This year’s most popular holiday gifts for women are far from meek and mild, and more than ever, they are erasing the lines of a bygone age when gender “roles” were a thing. For men’s luxury brands like William Henry, that’s giving rise to growing interest from women in possessing unique statement jewelry, knives and other luxury accessories that could never be described as fragile, frilly or stereotypical.

“For years, jewelers created these delicate, ornate lines for women, bedazzled with swirls, charms and hearts and the like” said Matt Conable, lead creative director for William Henry. “But women want statement pieces that are truly as one-of-a-kind and empowered as they are. Today, women don’t just make up a substantial portion of our customer base because they are buying gifts for men, it’s because they are buying for themselves.”

With gender neutral gifts all the rage for the holiday season this year, popular selections from William Henry among women include: The William Henry Serenity bracelet ($650): This bracelet tells her story, one that’s bold and complex with deep roots and a rich history. Featuring 100 million year-old dinosaur bone, the Serenity serves a personal touchstone for the woman who is both confident and grounded in who she is and where she comes from.

The William Henry Wisdom pendant ($1,595): Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend. It’s her brains and wisdom that matter most. This beautiful pendant featuring a natural South Sea pearl ensconced in 18k rose gold represents her belief that a free mind and an open spirit are truly the world’s most precious commodities.

The William Henry Monarch Gracious pocketknife ($1,850): The idea of knife collectors being just about men is a myth. The Monarch Gracious is an exquisite example of fine styling and extreme functionality embraced by today’s woman, a remarkable knife that’s comfortable in the hand while being very small and easy to carry. Featuring a beautiful frame in 24K gold koftgari, inlaid with stunning black lip pearl, the Monarch Gracious symbolizes that her strength and grace is always at the core.

The William Henry Bolt Maui pen ($395): Featuring a crafted barrel made from fabled curly Koa wood from Hawaii, this sleek and elegant pen makes strong statement without having to shout. Substantial, yet elegant enough to carry and use comfortably, she will appreciate its modern mechanics, clean lines and timeless craftsmanship designed to command any room.


William Henry is an American luxury brand for men, devoted to the vision of designing and crafting collections that integrate form and function into exquisite and unique pieces, including jewelry, award- winning pocketknives, writing instruments and money clips. The hallmark of the company’s work is the seamless integration of classic natural materials, precious metals and gemstones, and state-of-the-art alloys to create superb designs that have made William Henry one of the most admired and sought-after brands in the world of luxury for men. For more information, visit


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