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EMBRACE THE BOLD: William Henry Unleashes New Men's Jewelry Collection Designed to Captivate the

William Henry, an award-winning designer of luxury men’s jewelry and pocketknives, has announced a major new collection of distinctive men’s jewelry designs called “Embrace” for summer 2018. The just-released William Henry Embrace collection features 16 exemplary men’s jewelry pieces, including eight bracelets, four pendants, and four new cufflink designs. The complete Embrace collection will be offered at and at William Henry jewelry retailers nationwide beginning June 2018. Each distractive design in the Embrace collection shows off William Henry’s signature style which includes the use of precious metals and minerals, unusual organic materials and superb hand-finished details. With prices ranging from $495 to $2,950, the harmonizing design element in the new William Henry Embrace collection is the use of exquisitely-crafted “cage-like” detailing that serves to highlight and beautifully accentuate distinctive materials used in each piece, ensuring no two are exactly alike.

“Our new Embrace collection is bold and adventurous, but there is also a delicate, intricate quality that shows off the one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and use of intriguing materials that have come to define William Henry’s signature style,” said Matt Conable, William Henry co-founder and lead creative designer. “Each piece has a story that is as varied and distinctive as the personal mantra of the men who wear them.” Bracelets in the Embrace collection include “Strength,” ($2,950) which is made from gorgeous jade beads offset by three frosted onyx beads that are encased in solid 18K gold. Other Embrace bracelets with names such as “Midnight Hour,” “Adventure,” “Sunrise,” “Moonlight,” “Smoky,” “Sunset,” and “Dusk” feature gold or silver, combined with materials such as petrified wood, sodalite, tiger eye stone, smoky quartz, delicate south sea pearl and more.

Each bracelet design features an elegantly-sculpted silver or gold “caged” element that allows the unique materials to be beautifully emphasized. The varied enclosure styles including geometric, symmetric, asymmetric, whimsical and abstract, that serve to accentuate and protect the precious bead material. “With this collection, we’re highlighting 11 new materials that are a first for William Henry,” said Tony Rodrigues, William Henry creative designer for the Embrace collection. “For example, thanks to the inherent protective nature of the Embrace designs, we were able to incorporate south seas pearls for the first time. The interplay of these materials, combined with sterling silver, 18 karat yellow and red gold, set a new standard of luxury for our jewelry offerings.” Individual Embrace pendants follow the same design philosophy as Embrace bracelets and feature styles with names like “Dreamer,” “Purpose,” “Wisdom,” and “Dark Star.” For example, “Dreamer” ($1,950) is a beautiful, timeless pendent with green jade held captive by a stunning 18K yellow gold enclosure, a perfect complement to the Embrace Strength bracelet and destined to be a treasured heirloom. For an adventurous choice, “Dark Star” ($495) features the soft translucent warmth of smoky quartz, underscored by a sterling silver, beautifully detailed skull enclosure.

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