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Revive & Thrive: Health, Youth & Beauty Redefined

Luxury! A word that originally meant ”waste of something precious.” We live in a world where we continuously strive for more, and often in the process waste the most priceless thing we have our health, our youth, our very essence of beauty! What if we told you, you could live a life of opulence while turning yourself into a stunning paragon...How? Foremost leading expert on undoing genome decay and aging-mutations, Avra Amar Filion states “most (particularly bioengineers) have the misconception that we need to prolong our longevity and bring a halt to the cellular clock that ticks ever so quickly to death. They believe the answer could be found in artificial cellular replacement and they are hugely mistaken, because you can never artificially reproduce one’s life force. Without a continuous reboot of our life force, longevity becomes an extended period of a miserable vegetative state. Restoring the life force in an individual naturally is simple.” Ms. Filion has developed “Zangevity” a method that has the world in shock for its ability to restore your life force in hyper-speed. Zanqara, a comprehensive line of over 300 products, all designed with herbs, extracts, active stem cells, homeopathy, Bach Flowers, minerals, amino acids, oils, butters, and much more, and most importantly, the products are chemical free.

Your skin is like a beautiful mansion. You don’t maintain the exterior to only allow the interior support structure to rot away, where eventually the mansion will collapse. Maintaining your skin with cosmetics filled with chemicals or botulism is the same case scenario. For a fleeting moment you may look younger, but you, yourself are chipping away at your body’s internal structure and your cells will collapse. The aging will be permanent and the side effects a visible thorn in your side. Zanqara products have the capacity to increase your skin’s ability to produce its own collagen and elastin up over 2,700% in fifteen days. The results last up to 4 months even when not using the products, because the line is designed to enable your body to function on its own, rather than being dependent on a product.

Ms. Filion states “surprisingly we have everything at our disposal, except, the very things we truly need. Everything has been mutated and manipulated, purity has been wiped from western civilization, and that is why I developed this line. I have searched high and low, and found the rarest organic therapeutic raw materials from around the world. In essence, I’m “uncivilizing” one’s body so they can thrive and withstand the harm of day to day living that causes our bodies to decay in hyper speed. Our skin is an organ which feeds our body with everything it comes into contact with. A proper formulation can undo genome mutations and reverse the damage to our DNA, which results in the appearance of aging and other outer unpleasant manifestations. Clients state that after one application of a Zanqara routine specifically designed for them, they feel happier, their moods begin to balance, and they experience a sense of joy and confidence. They feel healthier, stronger, mentally more virile, and instantly look bright, radiant, and dramatically younger! Each person has the cellular capacity to live over a hundred and feel under fifty. With our Zangevity along with our personalized life coaching we enable that capacity.”

Zanqara products are formulated understanding every aspect of aging (environmental, physical, emotional, and energy based), it even considers the cell psychology and physiology and how it dramatically differs from one individual to another. Therefore, every formulation is unique, and Ms. Filion often creates custom formulas for those needing a unique combination to address their specific concerns. “Skin care is an industry that feeds off the skin misfortune of others to line manufacturers’ pockets. They produce products that will inevitably destroy their client’s skin and their overall health. 90% of cosmetic lines (including the ones claiming to be organic, with certifications) use raw materials that are dangerous in even small doses. They are corrosive, carcinogenic, cause reproductive and organ mutations and toxicity, and can lead to brain decay and tissue deterioration. We are in the business of caring for our customers and undoing the skin abuse they endure from other lines!”

Zanqara has 11 lines and in 60 years are proud to say they have no reactions or returns. They have remained the leaders in the world of skin therapy, skin restoration, and skin rejuvenation with no competition. When it comes to turning back the clock, so to speak, Zanqara is the only option. Being the best version of yourself comes down to one word – NO! No to compromise, no to chemicals, no to second best, and no to anything that isn’t Zanqara, the redefinition of luxury! Indulge while preserving what is precious and priceless - you! | (888)509-1855 | Text (705)466-5700

“BEST SKIN CARE EVER! My skin is firmer, softer and more youthful than when I was in my twenties! ZANQARA is the best thing to ever happen to me!”

— Client Testimony

“I had a skin condition for over 10 years, which left me feeling horribly insecure and hopeless. I tried everything and even medicated creams failed to give me any form of relief.... Then finally I tried Endora Noir and Haberlea by ZANQARA, within three months my condition was completely gone and I look 10 years younger. I have never felt so confident, get compliments on my skin all the time. ZANQARA changed my life in so many ways and I will never use anything else EVER!”

— Client Testimony


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