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The skin is a living organ, and as it with all living things there is a vital importance to have a biochemical pH balance. The skin is the body’s largest organ and is, by virtue of it’s placement, exposed and subjected to the highest amount of abuse. It is a element protection and elimination organ. In essence, a third kidney.

When it is in chemical balance, the skin is normal and the acid level promotes the ideal response. When the chemical balance is upset, even slightly, abnormal skin conditions occur.

Like snowflakes, no two skins are exactly the same. Although skin is classified into various group types, such as color, thickness, condition, etc. each skin is individually unique; each skin is in a CONSTANT STATE OF CHANGE. pH is a numerical measurement used to determine the alkaline or acid level of the skin. The optimal pH of the skin is 5.5, it’s a pH haven that allows skin to function without complications. Based on average standards people fluctuate between 4.5 to 6.0, anything below 4.5 is consider acid, anything above 6.0 is consider alkaline.

The acid or alkaline level is important, because, it has a direct affect on the natural enzymatic, or lack of thereof, in the skin. A minute change of only. 0001, plus or minus, in pH level has a immediate impact on the skin, and can disturb the ability of the individual enzymes to perform their function.

This, in turn, has a direct influence on the ever-changing condition of each individual skin. People don’t acknowledge that if their skin is manifesting signs of pH imbalance that it is in fact indicating an already developing health issue, that one should address. Though Zanqara is a business of cosmetics, our mission is to encourage overall health. If your skin is showing symptoms of being out of pH, the best thing to do is improve your lifestyle. Change eating habits, reduce stress, work-out, increase your oxygen levels; there is a number of way to bring back a unity of harmony in all your systems. To demonstrate the effects of pH on an esthetics point of stance. We must understand that this skins function is keeping lipids and moisture while blocking germs, pollutions, toxins, and bacteria. When the skin is too alkaline the closely knitted layer of stratum corneum start to separate allowing it to become vulnerable to bacteria, considering that bacteria flourishes in alkaline settings. Once the pH of the skin goes above 6.0 bacteria dramatically increase which diminishes the integrity of your skin leading to skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and irritant contact dermatitis. Skin becomes dry, extremely sensitive, allergy prone, clogged pores, but more than anything you will experience inflammation which puts a halt on the skin’s ability to fight off matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), an enzyme that destroys collagen and increases wrinkles, sagging, fine lines, and advance pre-mature aging.

On the other hand, many believe its very difficult to have an overly acid skin pH, anything below 4.5. But in today’s society we have more chances at becoming acid than we do alkaline. Why? Less exercise and an unbelievable amount of sugar intake. You may say I don’t eat sugar.. Well if you eat out, if you eat store bought salad dressings, you eat bacon, you eat anything that is man made.. you are eating more sugar than if you ate it right out of the white bag. Acid skin cause acne, breakouts, pustules (+ Pustule Psoriasis), carbuncles, cysts, eczema, dryness, and if your prone to oily skin then you might experience more oil secretions. Your skin will be overly sensitive, sore, irritated, and inflamed.

Ultimately you will be facing the sad same results of pre-mature aging, not to mention all the heart of not feeling like the best version of yourself… AND …...That is where Zanqara comes into the picture because unlike other companies that claim to balance your skin’s pH, they formulate with chemicals that manipulates the pH scale but does absolutely nothing towards the betterment and enhancement of your skin. pH as we have discussed is important but so are the ingredients used to achieve the balancing act. You need to feed your skin, nourish, help it, restore it, and that is why Zanqara is different from any other line. To help the skin to maintain it’s proper pH balance and address the various deficiencies, the skin care treatments and products must be thoughtfully chosen in order to successfully meet the individual skin’s requirements. The ideal products required to successfully address all of these various skin conditions and bring them to a normal and healthy skin state... are TRUE natural products formulated with the proper, beneficial percentages of natural ingredients (in other words- not adding just enough to satisfy label requirements). To properly manufacture natural products there has to be a deep and profound understanding of the actions of natural ingredients and how each one will correspond with one another to achieve specific and dramatic results. Leaving confident and skin happy

Many natural ingredients have been synthesized, and are now available in a cheaper synthetic form. Synthetic substitutes do not produce the same benefit or result as “Natural” ingredients. Just because a product label lists aloe vera or camphor, for example, does not mean the ingredient is “Natural”. Products using synthetic ingredients, even if they include small traces of the natural substances, are much easier and cheaper to formulate and manufacture, especially in large batches.


“Beauty is the summation of parts working together in such a

way that nothing needed to be altered, added, or taken away.”




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