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VONN Lighting - A Timeless Prestigious Look

Starting with VONN Lighting's elite group of Eurocentric designer and hand-picked components to their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with order management technologies, they operate a highly efficient system to ensure maximum satisfaction to our customers. Bridging the gap between industrial-age production onto global, digital-age manufacturing enables us to offer upper-echelon LED products, but in a more economic level than was previously possible. Spanning Three Continents, we coordinate calculated resource procedures to obtain the finest materials, manufacturing process and technical support because at VONN, emphasis on design and function cannot stand short of quality.

VONN offers exceptional LED lighting creations, representing a fusion between innovative solutions and aesthetic vision. VONN is proud to present you with a wide range of residential and commercial LED lighting products. Our commitment to form, technology, and precision defines our brand; we love what we do, and we deep- ly value our leadership position within lighting industry. VONN Lighting, manufactures and dis- tributes unique technologically sophisticated LED light fixtures. Turning conventional light fixtures into extraordinary show- pieces, VONN Lighting, sets itself apart from competitors. Design- ing and Engineering in U.S. while manufacturing in Asia provides us with a unique competitive advantage with regards to quality as well as pricing.

As a distinguished watchmaker will say, “behind accuracy, lies precision.” VONN follows the same principle because design and function cannot stand short on quality. LED represents innovation and VONN combines LED technology with current trends to deliver a product that goes beyond innovation and creativity.

Beyond the beauty LED brings to a room, the environmental impact is even more stunning. LEDs are energy efficient, therefore consume less power than incandescent bulbs. In addition, LED lights contain nontoxic and are recyclable, making LED eco-friendly. Recent studies show that LED lights...

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