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5 Unforgettable Tips When Preparing for Your Motorcycle Road Trip

For any motorcyclist out there, having an adventurous road trip is one of the most exciting things that you should try doing once in your life. It’s just you, your thoughts, and your motorcycle. If you’re already used to riding it on short distances, then it’s best to understand that the feeling is going to be completely different compared to driving it long distances. The feeling is different and the preparation is different as well. With that said, setting out on long-distance travel can be very thrilling. It’s best to take some of these helpful tips as they can really help with the preparation for your first road trip.

Be wise with your ride

Chances are you only have one motorcycle, so you’ll want to really think about whether or not it’s going to be comfortable enough for long rides. You can always make modifications, as this could vastly help with comfort levels. However, if your ride is still not the most comfortable, then you should think about the possibility of just renting a motorcycle as this could ensure that you're comfortable and safe during the entire trip. Having a cool bike shouldn’t be the main concern, it should be nothing more than a bonus. Instead, focus on safety and comfort.

Have the right gear

When it comes to motorcycle gear, you can’t always be willing to stretch your money. It’s important to have high-quality motorbike gear as this is going to keep you safe and keep you comfortable during your entire trip. Do you have any favourite brands? Maybe be open to looking into some of those.

Pack lightly

If you’re wanting to have the legacy of a lifetime then you’re going to have to pack lightly. Think about what you pack during a standard trip, even a weekend trip, then cut it in half. You have only so much space, so you truly can’t pack up. There are a variety of luggage carriers for motorbikes available nowadays. One idea could be something such as a saddlebag. Some other ideas for packing your luggage can include tank bags or tail bags. While it’s important to find the right bag to hold your luggage, it’s also important to know that less is more when packing for a motorbike road trip.

Be prepared for unexpected weather

Being prepared and packing lightly doesn’t sound as if they go hand in hand, right? Well, that can be true to an extent. When it comes to car rides, you’re completely safe and dry in your car but for motorbikes, it’s not entirely the case. There’s always the chance that it could unexpectedly rain or temperatures could just drop. You’ll want to make sure that you pack the proper riding gear to handle this weather and it also may be an idea to pack a raincoat too.

Be open to taking breaks

Chances are, you’re going to need more rest and pit stops than you’ll need if you were taking your car. Why? Well, you’ll want to avoid going overboard and driving for extended lengths of time because you’ll need to regularly check on your bike and you’ll need to avoid saddle sores as well.


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