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AirShare + The Challenger 350 - Opportunity Awaits

Reliability. Speed. Performance. Comfort. No other super midsize aircraft can compete with the Challenger 350. Step aboard, and immediately you’ll feel the sense of ease it was designed to deliver. After that, you’ll likely realize you’re actually standing up. With the most spacious cabin in its class, high end finishes, state-of-the-art technology and quiet, sound-suppressing design, every type of trip inside this aircraft feels like pleasure. With room for up to nine passengers and the ability to fly up to 7 hours without a fuel stop, the reasons for flying in the Challenger 350 are very practical too. One more very practical reason to add to that list: the ability to fly with the most efficient program in private aviation. After all, the Challenger 350 is the latest addition to the Airshare fractional program.

Airshare is different than other private aviation companies. While most hand you a bank of hours along with very complicated terms and fee structures, Airshare simply provides you with unlimited* hours in a day. This straightforward approach means you can fly to as many destinations as you’d like in a day without having to worry about how many hours you’re burning through. The more places you can get to in a day, the more business you can get done, and the more nights you can spend at home with the people you love. Flying the Challenger 350 with Airshare gives you unmatched flexibility, comfort and productivity. But perhaps the most impressive feature of this matchup is the world of opportunities it creates. Opportunity: Multiple Meetings Across the Country

You now have an efficient and practical option for scheduling multiple meetings several states away. Say you’re in Houston and want to meet with clients in Phoenix before making your way to a meeting in Baltimore. With Airshare and the Challenger 350, you can do that in comfort, in style and in the same day. You won’t have to stop for fuel. You won’t have to worry about burning through hours. You won’t have to depend on anybody else’s schedule but your own. Airshare’s planes stay with you when you need them to. So, no matter when your meetings end in Phoenix and Baltimore, you can simply head back to your Challenger 350 and be on your way. Opportunity: A Team Building Retreat

Every team needs the time and space to have a little fun. Let’s say your team has golf clubs, bags and eight key players. The Challenger 350 has room for them all. Is hiking more your team’s thing? Load up the boots and packs instead. Plush seating means your whole team can relax comfortably. And an in-cabin luggage compartment means everyone’s gear is easily accessible in-flight.

So fly directly to Aspen where you can play a round of golf or hike the Rio Grande Trail. Then head back to the plane. Your Airshare pilots will be there waiting to fly you and your team back home. Opportunity: A Getaway for the Whole Family

You’ve been working hard. So, take a break with the people in your life who matter most. With the Challenger 350, you can load up your whole family for a relaxing getaway to, say, The Bahamas. No need to stop for fuel. No need to deal with inconvenient airline schedules. And absolutely no need to leave your furry family members behind. When you fly with Airshare, your pets are always welcome aboard. The best vacation perk of all? The luxurious break together begins the moment you board the aircraft. Though you won’t yet have reached your destination, you’ll feel like you’ve arrived. Opportunity: Whatever You Can Dream Up

Whether you want to plan a long-range journey, need to travel with a large team, require extra space to stretch out, want complete control over your day or any combination of those needs, you now have a practical way to make it all happen. What opportunity can you come up with? Flying Airshare with the Challenger 350, you’ll have the room, the range and the efficiency to make almost anything possible.


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