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Airshare - The Perfect Player in Private Aviation

When you are a professional athlete or coach, you consistently strive for unconventional ways to get ahead. But it's not just your playing strategy that's unique – your travel preferences are also extremely distinctive. That's why Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and Tom Watson don't settle for anything ordinary when it comes to air travel. They turn to Airshare, a company that understands their specific travel requirements and consistently exceeds their expectations with unparalleled private flight experiences.

But don't let the star power fool you – Airshare's commitment to its customers goes beyond celebrity status. They believe every traveler deserves an extraordinary journey, and that's why they've designed their offerings to cater to your specific needs. With Airshare, experience a travel day that exceeds your expectations.

Make Every Moment Count

Delays. Layovers. Security lines. Shuttles. No matter whether you are traveling for business or leisure, they all wreak havoc on your schedule. Whether you’re a two-time NFL MVP, a Super Bowl-winning coach, a PGA Hall of Famer, or a trailblazing business leader, Airshare provides you with more time to get things done. When every minute counts, why put entire days in the unpredictable hands of a commercial airline? You deserve the confidence in knowing you’ll get where you need to be, exactly when you need to be there – all with ease and comfort. You deserve to fly private and make the most of every minute of your day. Explore Airshare’s offerings below and begin planning your next adventure.

Experience Jet Ownership without the Hassle

If you're in the market for a new aircraft, Airshare's Aircraft Management program can guide you seamlessly through the process. Their expert team will handle all the procedural details and help you navigate pricing to find the perfect aircraft for you.

Flexible Ownership through Fractional Ownership

Patrick Mahomes, Coach Reid, and Tom Watson love the flexibility that comes with Fractional Ownership and credits Airshare for making every hour matter when preparing for big games, fielding business opportunities, and spending time with their families. If you’re not ready to commit to full ownership just yet – that’s where Fractional Ownership comes to play. Shares are available in 1/16th increments, and each share gives you 20 days of usage with unlimited flight hours (up to 14 hours of crew duty). While other fractional programs also offer 1/16th shares, they limit you to 50 hours. Many of our customers fly up to double the number of hours that a 1/16th share in competitive programs can provide.

Travel on Your Terms with the EMBARK Jet Card

If you typically take ten trips a year, Airshare's EMBARK Jet Card is an excellent option. It provides the same benefits as Fractional Ownership but with fewer travel days and no long-term commitment. Unlike other jet cards, Airshare doesn't require you to pay the full balance upfront. Simply pay for your flight hours as you fly.

Discover Endless Possibilities with Airshare Charter Services

For those who travel less frequently, require access to larger aircraft, or have a few time-sensitive trips each year, Airshare Charter Services are the ideal solution. Whether it’s a special event or an important meeting, this option allows you to bypass the frustrations of commercial travel. Airshare’s diverse fleet ensures you have access to the perfect aircraft for your journey, while our extensive network of airports grants you to ten times as many airports as commercial airlines. Say goodbye to long lines and restrictive schedules – welcome to a world where every trip is a delightful adventure.

Private Travel for Every Occasion

Make the most of your time and indulge in the experience you deserve with Airshare's customizable programs. From expert guidance on aircraft purchases to flexible ownership options and beyond, Airshare is committed to providing exceptional private travel experiences. Our unique days-based model in our Fractional programs offer greater flexibility and cost-efficiency compared to our competitors. The possibilities are limitless. Anything is possible.

Allow Airshare to fit the way you fly. Visit to get started.


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