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Unique and Third One : AMER 110’ is The Perfect Oxymoron

Premier Vision CANNES & GENOA -

Unique but second replica of a three units build for the same owner who has felt in love with the Italian iconic custom superyacht builder.

Amer Yachts will launch this new one/off in august to attend the next Cannes and Genoa boat shows.

She will be the largest Superyacht in the world -110’ length- powered by 4 1200 IPS VOLVO PENTA.

This elegant bi-color hull will show the capability to adapt client requires to the custom building process creating a fabulous three suites on board in a luxury deco’ style, so welcome back at Belle époque feeling but without renouncing at innovation and technology as Amer Yachts attitude.

Comfort will be assured by the ips Volvo Penta propulsion which will grant small consumptions and low air emissions , silent navigation minimizing at all vibrations and great maneuverability thanks to the joy stick.

An hidden secret is concerning the new film silicone antifouling without biocide which permits to obtain long time cleaning hull for reducing environment pollution and good speed performances all year long keeping the boat free from the colonization of the hull without contaminating the water.

From 1973 an Italian family who takes care by person of each client.

We use a simple password : sea passion, enter in Amer Yachts world. See you at the next shows.



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