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Asprey London - Bugatti

A new collaboration sees the creation of highly exclusive objets dart masterpieces of the future.

Founded in England in 1781, Asprey has long been considered the pinnacle of luxury, continuously redefining luxury, in terms of quality, refinement and innovation. Offering unique products, very often bespoke commissions completed in its famed London workshops, Asprey caters to the most demanding and prestigious clients in the world, including royalty, heads of state and international connoisseurs. Now, Asprey has partnered with Bugatti, to create highly exclusive objet d’art, masterpieces of the future.

Combining more than 352 years of heritage, the collaboration of two superlative luxury brands, originating from Great Britain and France, sees the meeting of masters of their craft who have perfected their skills and innovative methods over multiple centuries.

Art is integral in Bugatti’s legacy, spanning more than 112 years. Ettore Bugatti, founder of the French luxury marque, was born into a family of famous designers and master sculptors. His father, Carlo Bugatti, was an internationally recognised artist, designer, and silversmith, who instilled his love of craftsmanship and innovation into Ettore – values that remain ever-present in Bugatti’s DNA to this very day.

During the 19th century, whilst Carlo Bugatti was forging his way in the world of art and design with his creations, Asprey’s craftspeople became globally recognised for supplying royalty with their luxury works. At The Great Exhibition of 1851 – the very first in a series of World Fairs that continue to thrive – Asprey was awarded the Gold Medal by Queen Victoria of England for its stunning collection of dressing cases.

United by Excellence

Technological innovation and the pursuit of perfection are what bind the two brands at their core. Throughout its history, from the record-breaking Type 35 racing car of the 1920s and 30s, through to breaking the seemingly unreachable 300 mph barrier with the Chiron Super Sport 300+, pushing the boundaries is in Bugatti’s very nature.

Celebrating its 240th anniversary this year, Asprey, too, remains at the pinnacle of luxury product re-invention and manufacturing, with the launch of the Asprey Digital Studio in 2021. Transforming classic designs into future heirlooms, Asprey can lay claim to centerpieces at prestigious museums as well as distinguished auction houses across the world. Now, with the birth of a state-of-the-art Digital Studio, Asprey’s traditional workshops are removing the boundaries for designers to create 21st century chefs-d’oeuvre, incorporating the latest in design technology, whilst expanding and preserving the traditional handmade and artisanal abilities of its workshops.

With more details soon to be revealed, the maiden work of art born out of Asprey’s partnership with Bugatti will be a one-of-one NFT with a sculpture of a famous Bugatti model, designed, developed, and crafted using cutting-edge production techniques at Asprey’s new Digital Studio. In the future, Bugatti owners and Asprey clients will be able to commission their own unique sculptures and be able to purchase limited editions and one-off pieces, each fused with NFT technology. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) provide each unique sculpture with a digital certificate of authenticity that also unlocks special Asprey content and features with a unique NFT Asprey roadmap.

Wiebke Stahl, Managing Director at Bugatti International, said: “Bugatti has an established history of partnering with renowned brands to create some truly exceptional and unique products. We believe that Asprey shares many of the fundamental philosophies that are deeply embedded within Bugatti’s DNA. Bugatti and Asprey both represent the rare combination of time-honored tradition, innovation, and groundbreaking technologies – qualities which overlap each brand’s exclusive creations over hundreds of years. This is the beginning of an exciting chapter, and we are looking forward to soon sharing much more about our inaugural works of art.”

Ali Walker, Chief Creative Officer at Asprey’s Digital Studio adds: “Asprey and Bugatti’s partnership is an extraordinary artistic collaboration. The meeting of two brands, respective national treasures, is a very exciting proposition. We are creating something very special, and welcome all to register for an invitation on our microsite, which will have all the latest information, product drops and innovative developments of this exciting partnership.”

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