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Baldhead Cabinets - An American Story | A Garage Icon

He didn’t know it at the time, but when Eric Fleming sketched out his first cabinet design to fit his home garage, he had created the blueprint for what would become Baldhead Cabinets. Over twenty years later, Eric still enjoys running the business and being involved in every part unique of the process. There’s a reason they’re not named Fleming Cabinets—they believe their “family” is larger than themselves. From the front desk to the back shipping door, everyone at Baldhead plays an important role in the design and manufacturing of your custom cabinets. Everything begins with your custom design. No two places or projects are the same, so every cabinet is custom planned for each Baldhead customer.

With their seamless in-house engineering and fabrication process, they control the quality and timing of every project. From computer-aided design to laser cutting to powder coating and shipping, their hands touch every part of the process. The goal is to deliver cabinets that meet their company standards and surpass your expectations. Baldhead Cabinets are proud to be known as a high-end custom metal cabinet company; but at the heart, Baldhead is family. Since manufacturing their first metal product in 1985, we have been family owned and operated. Located in their beautiful hometown of Bend, Oregon, they bring their family values to every aspect of business. They believe that relationships matter, there are no shortcuts to quality, and generosity is contagious. They are grateful to do this work, and look forward to collaborating with you on your custom cabinet project.


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