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Bell 407GXi - An Advanced Flight Experience at an Unbeatable Rate

A standout platform in Bell’s extensive commercial rotorcraft portfolio, the Bell 407GXi builds on more than 26 years of experience and nearly 6.5 million flight hours delivering excellent performance and comfort to global pilots and passengers. Built as a derivative from the Bell 206 family, the Bell 407GXi carries on its world-renowned legacy today across an array of mission segments.

The Bell 407GXi experience is unparalleled, offering powerful performance, advanced avionics, and smooth and precise handling qualities. Because the 407 design builds on such a robust legacy, Bell has been able to use the lessons learned over the years to enhance the airframe design and deliver next level efficiency in performance and capability. The platform’s advanced features support business travel, helicopter emergency medical services, law enforcement and surveillance work and more. The high visibility cabin door kit enables full visibility of surroundings, ideal for tourists surveying a scenic overview or a medical team en route to an emergency situation.

The aircraft’s proven track record navigating hot and high environments continues to be one of its best customer benefits. Recently, one of Bell’s 407GXi owners, Maksym Lunov, pilot and owner of Heliclub took delivery of the Bell 407GXi at Bell’s Commercial Assembly and Delivery Centre in Mirabel, Canada and flew it home, making stops in more than 13 countries.

“This Bell aircraft is comfortable, safe and reliable. It enabled us to have a unique travel experience that most people don’t get the opportunity to do,” the 40GXi customer said. “There were many highlights on the trip, but some of the most memorable were seeing the icebergs in Greenland, volcanoes and waterfalls in Iceland and the Alps in Switzerland.”

“I’ve been a pilot for 13 years, and a transatlantic flight is something I’ve always wanted to do. It would not have been easily done without the IFR kit,” added Lunov. “The Bell 407GXi is a remarkable helicopter that provided a safe and enjoyable trip.”

The Bell 407GXi received an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) in 2019 allowing the platform to conduct operations with a low cloud ceiling, while continuing to provide multi-mission capability safely, reliably, and effectively. The aircraft is already a highly regarded platform throughout the Air Medical Services (AMS) industry for its operational readiness and reliability, and the single-engine capability of the Bell 407 offers lower direct operating costs than other dual-engine and IFR certified single-engine aircraft, while providing the high level of safety required for this mission.

In addition to its IFR certification, the Bell 407 offers exceptional operational readiness rates, low operational costs and high spare parts availability. Bell’s extensive global customer service and support network keeps owners flying and operating, in an effort to reduce downtime for maintenance weeks at a time.

Whether its business or pleasure, you can always count on the 407 to get you to your destination with ease. Discover more about the Bell 407GXi at


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