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Bentley Flying Spur Azure

The Flying Spur was designed as a car both to drive and be driven in. Contemporary and uplifting, the luxurious cabin skilfully combines key elements of Bentley DNA, cutting-edge technology, and the finest automotive craftsmanship in the world. It features astounding detail, sculpted surfaces and contemporary lines that will constantly surprise and delight occupants. Combine that with your wellbeing at the front and centre, and a Science-Informed Design approach, and you meet the Flying Spur Azure specification.

All Bentley Azures feature the Front Seat Comfort Specification which includes up to 22-way adjustable seats, suitable for passengers of all heights and weights, while the heating and ventilation function helps to maintain the body’s optimum temperature for comfort and alertness. The driver’s sense of relaxed control is further enhanced by the Head-up Display, providing directions and navigation directly in the line of sight, and by Night Vision, which uses infra-red cameras to identify pedestrians, cyclists, and fauna outside the beam of the LED headlights.

The interior has a leather finish of the door panels with three-dimensional diamond-shaped embossing and included are decorative inserts made with the new Crown Cut Walnut veneer creating a stylish and modern finish. Its 130mm longer wheelbase means the Flying Spur Azure features a spacious and luxurious cabin that offers peerless comfort and refinement.

In addition, the Flying Spur Azure also features a glass-to-glass panoramic sunroof as part of the specification. The feature fills the cabin with natural light, while the front panel tilts and slides over the fixed rear to let fresh air in. Electric Alcantara blinds, colour matched to the interior, provide shade when preferred, in the soft and tactile material that is an alternative to leather.

Other design constants for Azure include bright chrome lower bumper grilles, unique 22” ten-spoke wheels, wellness quilted seats and finishing touches such as the Bentley ‘jewel’ filler cap. The overall effect is elegant, visually pleasing, and timeless.


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