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EarthRoamer - The Global Leader in Expedition Vehicles

In 1998, the late Bill Swails, had a dream of a capable expedition vehicle that not only could take him to the most remote places on Earth but could also do so comfortably and reliably. An avid wildlife photographer, Bill understood the desire to be off road and off the grid for extended lengths of time. He began building out his Dodge Ram (later named ER2K) but quickly determined that off the shelf components were not able to fulfill his expectations and needs. In 2003, the first EarthRoamer production unit became a reality. An all-weather, all-season vehicle that was designed from the ground-up to be capable of tackling any terrain while providing a luxurious camping experience – all without the need for water, sewer, or electrical hookups. This first iteration was named the EarthRoamer XV-LT (Xpedition Vehicle – Luxury Terrain).

LT/LTS - The Original

Built on the Ford F-550 the XV-LT and XV-LTS models boast extensive solar panels, a large battery bank, highly efficient appliances, and huge fuel and freshwater capacities. With over 300 vehicles on the road, we have accumulated millions of miles on some of the world’s harshest roads and trails and have spent tens of thousands of nights camping in every weather condition on Earth.

LTi – It Only Gets Better

Hitting the road in 2019, the LTi was the most significant advancement to the EarthRoamer product line and replaced the LT/LTS model. Like its predecessors, the LTi is built on the Ford F-550 featuring 750lb-ft of torque coupled with a ten-speed automatic transmission featuring manual shift override and tow/haul mode. LTi introduced the first one-piece monocoque carbon fiber camper body in the overlanding industry, increasing overall strength and decreasing weight. Weighing in at 990 pounds, the camper shells are produced using a Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) to create and bond two carbon fiber skins to a structural foam core. Four solar panels totaling 1,320 watts provide electrical power to the two 800-amp hour Mastervolt lithium-ion batteries, allowing unlimited power if used. A massive 100-gallon insulated freshwater tank and heated 40-gallon gray water tank allow owners to stay out for weeks at a time in down to -30-degree weather without giving up hot showers. The LTi has 95 gallons of diesel on board. With an average of 9-12 mpg, it has a driving range of over 1,000 miles. The 2023 LTi underwent a complete suspension and shock system redesign allowing for the vehicle to accommodate 43” tires, increasing the speed rating to 81mph and maintaining its exceptional off-road capabilities. All cabinetry is built from premium raw hardwood and is handcrafted to create a high-end interior that will last for decades. With interior options such as a built-in wine rack, 32” HDTV with Sonos sound bar, central vacuum system, and quiet ride dish storge, the LTi gives owners a home, anywhere they can imagine.

HD – The Beast

The HD, released in 2017, introduced an Xpedition Vehicle that’s finishings could compete with an upscale, New York apartment. The EarthRoamer HD was designed for those who love the quality, design, and craftsmanship of our more compact LT model line, but desire more space and amenities. In addition to being more spacious, the HD also provides greater fuel, water, solar, and battery capacity to stay out for extended periods of time. Built on an F-750 chassis, the XV-HD combines off-road capability, luxury amenities, and cutting-edge technology and systems.

What We Build

Over 20 years later, EarthRoamer is the world’s undisputed leading manufacturer in the luxury overland industry. All of our solar/diesel hybrid, four-wheel drive Overland vehicles are hand built in Colorado by a team of over 100 skilled craftspeople. Having a self-sufficient vehicle that is all weather capable gives each owner the freedom to explore the wilderness that they crave while enjoying the comforts of home. Each vehicle is built to order and offers capability, comfort, craftsmanship, and convenience unmatched by typical recreation vehicles. EarthRoamer takes pride in its constant innovation as they bring the newest technology and resources to the overlanding industry. From the highest peaks to the lowest valleys, EarthRoamer gives you the comforts and capabilities to explore and live your dream.


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