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Eden Gallery - Bringing Color to Life

Eden Gallery is at the forefront of the contemporary art scene when it comes to creating unforgettable gallery experiences. With more than ten galleries around the world, Eden is committed to cultivating a vibrant, colorful aesthetic that is intentionally synonymous with a positive outlook on life.

Eden’s galleries are located in major cities such as New York, London, and Aspen, with plans to open new locations in Las Vegas and Dubai in the coming months. In the meantime, their focus is on the continued evolution of their brand as a luxury experience for the masses; featuring the work of exclusive, cutting-edge artists.

In May 2021, Eden Gallery announced their new collaboration with celebrated Brazilian muralist, Eduardo Kobra. A native of São Paulo, Brazil, the artist known as Kobra, is recognized globally for his kaleidoscopically vibrant paintings.

Utilizing bright colors and bold lines, much of Kobra’s art centers around the theme of peace. One of the most recognizable features of his work, the technique of repeating multicolored squares and triangles, allows him to both frame and shine a spotlight on the famous people he chooses as his subjects.

In creating murals and canvas paintings, Kobra utilizes various tools and techniques, painting with brushes and aerosol cans. In his practice, combining geometric shapes on multicolored backgrounds with intricate shading and swirling effects helps to achieve a sense of photorealism. With high-level attention to detail requiring meticulous technical prowess, the realism of his designs often makes his flat-surface paintings appear three-dimensional.

Since his first mural in Brazil, Kobra has since painted in France, Spain, Italy, Norway, England, Malawi, India, Japan, United Arab Emirates, and several North American cities. While many of his murals feature historical figures and peacemakers such as Nelson Mandela and Anne Frank, it is also Kobra’s intent to pay tribute to significant cultural icons of the arts. One of many examples of this was his 2013 Moscow mural of Russian ballerina Maya Plisetskaya.

Kobra’s main objective is to provide a space for the public to interact with his art. Today, as one of Eden’s exclusive artists, Kobra’s selected works of art, like Bailarina Maya and Mandela, are available to purchase from several gallery locations.

Drawing inspiration from cultural events of the times we live in is a familiar theme for another Eden artist, albeit in a slightly different reality. The youngest artist ever to sign with Eden Gallery, Gal Yosef’s 3D designs have been described as an alternate cartoon universe. At age 26, Yosef has already attracted a loyal fanbase, both online and off. His digital art, which includes both print and 3D digital sculpting, reimagines familiar characters in contemporary scenarios.

There is unquestionably a dark side to many of Gal Yosef’s creations. However, the whimsical, comedic nature of his work ultimately conveys his admiration and love for the characters he sculpts. With sculptures and mixed media art reminiscent of both childhood classics and cartoon trends, Gal Yosef’s work is forever evolving with the times.

All Eden Gallery locations pride themselves on consistently housing the diverse collections of their central artists. The collections of David Kracov, Angelo Accardi, and Dorit Levinstein can be seen in all galleries from Miami to Mykonos. However certain artists, such as Gal Yoself and Metis Atash are on display exclusively in New York City.

With no signs of slowing down, Eden Gallery’s expansion takes with it their commitment to one-of-a-kind works of art. With luminous collections reflecting a new vision for contemporary art, Eden Gallery has proved their galleries are a must-see for every world-traveling art lover.


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