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Eden Gallery Live - A New Kind of Art Exhibition

Written by Sarah Doar

Eden Gallery is an international contemporary art gallery with locations in New York, Miami, Aspen, London, and Mykonos Featuring the work of more than 26 unique artists, Eden events are one-of-a-kind experiences dedicated to celebrating their work. Blending art exhibitions with exclusive day and evening festivities for the enjoyment of art enthusiasts worldwide, Eden Gallery events include artist debuts, cocktail hours, and luxurious parties.

Believing that art should be meaningful for guests and collectors alike, Eden events go above and beyond in order to create unforgettable experiences. While most gallery events open to the public feature alternating art exhibitions during cocktail parties, Eden Gallery deliberately spotlights the work of their exclusive artists during extravagant celebrations.

The events featuring the work of Alec Monopoly are the best examples of this. Alec Monopoly is one of Eden Gallery’s most popular artists. From Mykonos to New York, both vacationers and city residents flock to enjoy live demonstrations and unique displays that pay tribute to his work. This past year alone, Alec’s events in Aspen, New York City, and Mykonos featured live performances, gourmet catering, and well-known DJs.

Coinciding with Alec Monopoly’s birthday, the February 2021 Aspen event was held in Eden Gallery’s new, sprawling 7,000 square foot exhibition space. For the private reception, Alec created custom ice sculptures and tagged several Hermes Birkin bags. On display in the background was his exclusive Aspen Gallery collection of paintings.

As Monopoly explained, “When I do gallery shows in specific places, it’s nice to make a piece that relates to what’s going on here. And it’s kind of like a souvenir from when you’re here with your family and you’re having great memories of your vacation.”

Similarly, Alec’s Mykonos events are notorious for their trademark floating sculptures. On the sea of Nammos Beach, inflatable Monopoly characters serve as beacons when the artist is in town and the Eden Gallery events season is underway.

While many Eden Gallery exhibitions require RSVPs in advance, there have been several pop-up events that collectors are notified about shortly before they take place. April 2021 marked Eden Gallery’s foray into the world of cryptocurrency as they offered their first-ever live crypto exhibition of Alec Monopoly’s art. Guests were invited to Eden’s SoHo gallery to purchase from the exclusive collection where Bitcoin and Ethereum were the only payment methods accepted.

Exhibitions with themes relating to individual artist collections have drawn large crowds in Eden’s London and SoHo galleries, in particular those of Angelo Accardi’s Misplaced and Blended collections. While Coronavirus temporarily put an end to large-scale events in the London location, Eden Gallery plans to once again host exhibitions in London in October 2021. Among these will be an event honoring Eden’s newest addition to their family of artists: celebrated muralist Eduardo Kobra.

With a diverse calendar of rotating special events for both new and established collectors, Eden Gallery is a must-see for those looking to learn more about the contemporary art scene. Information about art cocktail hours, interactive exhibitions, and gallery celebrations can be found on Eden’s website or in any of their international locations.


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