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Entre Cielos - An Adventurers Dream

A luxury explorer’s dream - sailing through the crystal blue waters of the Greek Isles aboard the two-masted, wooden sailing yacht, Entre Cielos. Cecil Adams is the owner and mastermind behind the luxury hospitality empire which includes the Entre Cielos Hotel in Mendoza, and now the Entre Cielos sailing yacht, adorned for cruising the Mediterranean Sea with stylish lodging.

Born and raised in Norway, Cecil grew up on the open sea sailing with her father and going on adventures with her family. Though she herself never learned the art of sailing, growing up with a love for the endless possibilities of the ocean, her passion led her to becoming the owner of a major and unique family asset -the 30 meter long, double-masted wooden sailing gulet. Adams has integrated creative lodging experiences, accommodations, and international expansion into the market of luxury travel stemming from the original vision and essence of the Entre Cielos Hotel in Mendoza.

Adams has created an adventurous dream. “Mendoza is a once in a lifetime experience for Americans, and Greece is very well known and people flock there, while what we have done is combined the adventure of travel and exploring with the ability to do so on your own luxury yacht, so to speak, where you choose your captain, choose where you want to go, and have all these endless possibilities right at your fingertips. On-board chefs, water sports, a full library, 12 sun beds; this experience is truly unlike anything else in the market.”

Entre Cielos was originally a gulet in Turkey, one of many as gulets are a Turkish craft, but migrated to Greece’s stable tourism market where they are the unique, luxury gulet of the GreekIsles. Beautifully crafted from the finest wood, every inch of it’s space is designed for relaxation, entertainment, and unparalleled luxury. Averaging at €30,000 per week, it’s an unsurpassable experience that many merely dream of. “What I really love about this gulet is that everything is made of wood. It huge with a lot of space, and it is very wide because it is very stable, room to walk and move without ever feeling unstable. I love all the seating possibilities; you can sit at a huge table with ten people on the open sea, and experience all that comes with the beautiful, blue, open water, without ever feeling a moment of instability or worry.” An adventurous dream, to say the least.


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