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Fall in Love with Koket

Since 2010, the U.S.-based luxury home decor brand KOKET has been steadily attracting and capturing the hearts of design lovers from around the world. Beloved for its alluring designs, empowering persona, and stylish and enticing founder and leader, Janet Morais, it is hard not to fall in love with KOKET!

A darling in her own sense, Janet’s long-time love of beautiful, unique, and bold designs and fashion have been infused into her brand. Closely entwined with Janet’s personality, the KOKET brand, named after her childhood nickname “Janette la coquette” (a name bestowed upon her for her playful ways) enchants through its sophisticated designs, experiences, and curated content.

“I love taking risks and turning heads! And I live to empower through design, content, and experiences,” says Janet Morais. “So, I created KOKET, born from my interior design business and branding agency DeMorais International, and the inspiration for my lifestyle magazine Love Happens and e-home decor boutique My Object of Desire.

“Each of my professional endeavors offers a glimpse into my world and everything that moves me. Through my work, I strive to share my joie de vivre and coquettish frill while empowering all willing to listen to be their best selves. My products are about unique, inspired design, craftsmanship, and bringing joy to all who encounter them. While my content is all about my passion for the world my products live in, a world of beautiful design, fashion, travel, and beyond.

“It is my hope that people will take risks with me! Create their own individual sense of style at home, in their closets, and in every element of their lifestyles. I hope they will fall in love with us, and feel empowered by our statement pieces and unique design-driven experiences and content.”

KOKET’s daring design aesthetic, high-impact events, lavish presentations, and notoriously risqué ads have an uncanny way of conveying the brand’s mission to inspire love and empower through its statement pieces. The innate desire to seduce and enliven its devotees is perfectly illustrated in the adored brand’s luxurious décor collections.

From casegoods and upholstery to lighting and mirrors, KOKET’s Guilty Pleasure’s collection consists of dramatic and elegantly refined home decor creations which exude sensuality and style; all of which mesmerize with their magical mineral medleys, lux metallics, vibrant jewel tones, and exotic natural feathers. While the KK by KOKET Collection offers a youthful side of KOKET with irresistibly fresh, playful, and vibrant upholstery designs.

Manufactured by master artisans and jewelers in Portugal who take great pride in their craft and strive to ensure that every detail of a piece is perfectly appointed, KOKET’s savoir-faire is intoxicating! Further, as lovers of exquisite textures and finishes, KOKET also offers a signature textile collection which is composed of a curation of luxurious fabrics and leathers. With over two hundred designs and full bespoke capabilities, KOKET is a go-to source for anyone looking to create unique spaces that exude style.

Located in the U.S. and Portugal, the brand’s elite team of highly skilled individuals is dedicated to creating moments of design seduction while offering superior sales and customer service support to its interior designer and luxury retail store customers worldwide. Lead by a fierce team of empowered women. A diverse group who live and breathe the KOKET mission.

A mission which began with creating highly desirable empowering statement pieces and still remains at its core, however, today the brand also empowers through numerous channels. First, with its online and print magazine, Love Happens, through which they inspire and inform design and luxury lovers around the world with timeless lifestyle content. Next, with My Object of Desire, a highly curated e-shop offering beautifully crafted luxury decor for you to express your true inner style.

As leaders in luxury interior design with a pulse on the industry and a passion for craftsmanship, KOKET has a magical way of engaging its customers and brand loyalists so they feel like members of an exclusive community. Through this enticing KOKET world, its artistry, originality, bold aesthetic, exquisite presentations, and empowering voice, KOKET steals hearts around the globe!


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