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Gacek Design Group - An American Bistro with Northern California Influences

An American Bistro with Northern California influences! The design of this experiential restaurant was the first opportunity, in the location, to showcase a bistro that tells a story inspired by the Napa Valley. While the main objective is to promote a tasting experience that is locally sourced and centered on clean eating, Gacek Design Group created an ambiance highlighting the menu: organic farmstead meats and cheeses, Napa-style sourdough pizzas, touches of French, Latin, and American influences with wines that are California focused. Inspired by the farm to table atmosphere, Gacek Design Group delivered a sophisticated style that is comfortable, classic, and approachable.

The first step in creating a design vision is to understand the Napa Valley area. The demographic, geographic, and psychographic research allowed us to develop the following summary which we will apply to our design story: caters to an affluent audience; delivers a feeling of easy luxury; uses modern amenities in quaint towns; embraces history and its vintage character; and offers scenic, pastoral locations. Northern California is a land of elegant estates, lavish resorts, expansive tasting rooms, and serene hillsides with acreage that provides a sense of privacy.

The charm of the lively antique towns adds to the region’s notable qualities...especially its distinguished rankings in viticulture and the well-known Cabernet Sauvignon! And the experience of wine country during the changes in the seasons is worth narrating and adds to the design’s visual description: In the Spring, grape leaves turn hillsides brilliant green. In the Summer, towns warm up with festivals and local events. Fall brings the “crush” as vineyards are busy with workers tending to the land and Winter settles into a cool silence. Design essentials include the following: To reconfiguring the layout to provide an open floor plan comfortable seating 150 guests; To expand and relocate the bar and develop a destination; To showcase a boutique wine vault of encased in storefront glass; and To design a floor to ceiling glass wall that opens and closes based on the function.

Regarding color, the foundation tones of the restaurant are neutral with gray, white, and charcoal. Accents of collegiate blue welcome you in. Warm woods surround the environment and seating is enveloped in natural textures of linen, leather, and soft denim to adds layers of color to the palette. White marbled quartz tops, ebony and brushed bronze metals welcome you in, as the custom wall art, photographed from live herbs and harvest, complete the look. Lighting is strategically placed at varying heights to create focal points.

The following zones are created for casual gathering: Dine at the Front Bar with stone quartz tops and a custom wine storage room. Eat at the Main Dining and nestle into the custom-designed banquettes or the soft woven seating that is influenced by the harvest baskets found in a vineyard. Meet at the Private Dining area which offers functional flexibility using reclaimed wood top tables that stack for an elongated tasting table experience. Experience the live edge counter that wraps around the Pizza Bar reminiscent of a meandering vine that is enveloped by a wall graphic of wheat fields. The combination offers an experience that is clean, fresh, and approachable.


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