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Gateway Bronco - Consumer Centric Design™ with Seth Burgett

Seth Burgett, founder and CEO of Gateway Bronco, is a recognized expert in the field of product design — especially in the areas of ergonomics and balancing aesthetics with utility. He has created more than 125 pieces of intellectual property, many being design patents. Burgett won the RED DOT Design award, a world-renowned international achievement, as well as The Good Design Award. Below, Burgett offers his tips to help you design a Bronco. Gateway Bronco’s Consumer Centric Design™ Process is dedicated to creating bespoke vehicles that meet your desired outcome. To get the ball rolling, consider these aspects of the design process.

Use Case

The first step is envisioning the primary use of your Gateway Bronco. Will it be used on the beach? Picking up the kids and running errands? Or will it be used at a vacation home where dogs and kids are climbing in and out? Do you need the extra room of a custom 4-door Bronco? Will you want to take road trips on the highway for longer than two hours? If so, our Active Ride Control is valuable. Having a clear view of how you would want to use your Bronco puts you on the right path for designing your perfect vehicle.

Top Options

Choose a top that fits your lifestyle. We offer a Bimini top, which is ideal for quick-and-easy protection from the sun. We also offer a proprietary power convertible soft top (patent pending) available only at Gateway Bronco. The next choice is a removable hardtop. The fourth option is a hardtop with a powered convertible soft top for the center section. With the press of a button it slides the entire top back to the rear position and open to the sky. Regardless of your local weather or the lifestyle you follow, there’s a top configuration that will keep you protected while enjoying your bronco.

Roll Bar

A roll bar is first and foremost about safety, but the choice also affects aesthetics and interior room. Determine which roll bar fits your needs. Choices include a compact San Felipe style bar, a family roll bar that covers more of the rear area, or a family roll bar with a 6-point cage. If you want to elevate the look of your roll bar, we also can add a custom leather wrap.


This depends on having a clear idea of the primary use you envision for your Gateway Bronco. If you want to take road trips or have the most comfortable ride possible in a Bronco, then the Active Ride Control is an important decision. It is available on our Coyote Edition and our Luxe GT Edition. Suspension and body lift choices are plentiful to get a ride height you are comfortable with.

Look Inside

The choices you make inside will turn the interior into your personal cockpit. Do you prefer high-back seats with plenty of room for adjustment, or classic low-back seats? Do you like the broken-in look of distressed leather or rich textures used on the finest European luxury cars? Features like leather-wrapped roll bars and Gateway Bronco’s Barnwood Bed provide depth and character to any interior.


Do you want to have a more sport look or a more vintage vibe in the overall feel of the design? Customers who prefer a vintage look often opt to keep the rear fenders uncut, choose detail elements like Ranger Stripes, or even choose painted steel wheels with period-style hubcaps. Those aiming for a more contemporary sport look can select body-color trim and hard top, cut rear fenders with flares, and bold colors that will stand out in any crowd.

Each Gateway Bronco is built to your exact specifications. Working through this design checklist is the first step in getting the build process off to a great start.


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