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Gateway Bronco - Bringing the Legend Back to Life

Seth Burgett is the entrepreneurial mastermind behind Gateway Bronco, the unique Barn Find Specialists who restore vintage original paint Ford Broncos, and there is no one out there doing it quite like them. Taking a staple of American automotive history and combining 21st technology and advancements, Gateway Bronco is pathing a frontier for the unique niche within a booming market. With specific dedication to each Bronco they encounter, Gateway Bronco takes pride in their connection with each Bronco, it’s owner, and their story.

Seth has been on the treasure hunt of barn finds since he was a young child. His grandfather lived in a 200 person town, he was a farmer, and right across the street in town there was the barn. At age 9 or 10, Seth did a search of the barn and actually found an old Hudson and an old Corvair. That was the start. For them, it’s exploring, it’s an adventure, it’s “I can’t wait to see what it’s like inside, see what's in the glovebox”.

The ultimate barn find came from Texas, and it is the First Bronco. It’s a prototype Bronco that was the First Bronco built by Ford. Owned by Carroll Shelby for 10 years, it was in immaculate condition. A truly beautiful piece of history. It’s a true prototype which Ford produced all their original photographs and documentation for.

Broncos are really unique vehicles. They’re iconic American vehicles that are unique to any other vehicle in the world because they went from 1966-1977 without being changed. There’s no other vehicle in the world that has gone so long without any modifications to its style. If you look at the Mustang, it was the same for 2 years then was heavily changed, Camero, the Corvett, pretty much every vehicle you can think of goes through a major overhaul every 2 years. That is part of the uniqueness of the Bronco, and also its exceptional design which has resulted in a cult following.

There will always be competitors in the space of restored vintage vehicles, but something that Gateway Bronco is doing that no one else does is uphold a 5 year warranty. If someone is looking for a Bronco, they are the top choice for Broncos consistently. Secondly, if someone is looking for a vintage SUV of any brand they tend to come right to the top because its vintage enhanced and modernized. The restored Broncos have backup cameras, car play, power windows that look like vintage windows, and much more. Using genuine Porsche, Bentley, or Mercedes leather in their vehicles, Gateway Bronco beautifully combines history and luxury with style.

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