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Grady-White Boats: Luxury and Durability: Setting the Standards Others Follow

Eddie Smith, Jr., Grady-White Boats CEO, never wanted to be the biggest. What he did want, was to be the best! More than 60 years later, his uncompromising vision and values have earned Grady-White Boats a legendary reputation in the boating industry. With customer satisfaction as the top priority, Grady-White designs, builds and delivers the finest offshore sportfishing boats from 18-to-45 feet.

In the early 70s, long before many of today’s boat manufacturers existed, Grady-White broke ground on what was to become and what, through continuous improvement and consistent investment, remains one of the world’s most modern fiberglass boat manufacturing facilities. They also made a conscious decision to listen to their customers and made paying exceptional attention to all the details a top priority. From that input, Grady-White began perfecting center console designs.

The openness of center consoles allowed easy movement around the boat, with room for the installation of rod holders and racks that people wanted. More importantly they equipped models with all kinds of ingenious features such as nonskid decks and self-bailing cockpits, plus insulated storage and iceboxes that drained directly overboard and more than enough foam flotation–resulting in unsinkable boats. These efforts were applied to all the models the company built including dual console, walkaround and express cabins in addition to the center consoles. These details, craftsmanship and reliability led Grady-White boats to be the top choice among many knowledgeable boat buyers. The early days set the standard for the ingenuity and quality found only in a Grady-White.

There is no Grady-White boat in which this is more evident than in their flagship model–the Canyon 456, a 45-foot center console model unveiled as the largest of its kind in the spring of 2018. This boat re-imagined the concept of the luxury sportfishing yacht. The 456 is a superbly engineered center console, offering an unprecedented level of elegance and sophistication among outboard powered fiberglass boats of any size, a feat other boating manufacturers have tried to duplicate.

The superb Grady-White SeaV2® ride of the Canyon 456 is indeed unparalleled, exhibiting performance and seaworthy reliability for which Grady-White’s signature hull design is known. She handles like a fine sports car on the water and feels like a majestic ship at rest. Without question, this is an impressive vessel that is likely to please even the most experienced and discerning captain as well as the crew.

Ease of use and technical achievement aboard the Canyon 456 start with Grady’s exclusive Sea Command CenterTM–aesthetically striking, exceptionally comfortable, and offering an amazing assembly of technology. The center’s ultra-comfortable forward-facing seating features four premium individual electronically adjustable seats, each replete with rich upholstery and stainless supports for the armrests. CZone® digital switching technology enables one-touch control of on-board systems including power, electrical, lighting, heat and air conditioning–even the seacocks. A software application allows remote command of these functions from your phone!

The entire helm area is covered by a stylish, sophisticated, enclosed AV2 T-topTM with an integrated wraparound windshield for maximum visibility and protection. Electronic side windows and a large overhead hatch allow plenty of fresh air when the heating or air conditioning system is not needed. This top includes a built-in SureShade® electronically retractable cockpit shade.

On deck, forward of the cabin, the Canyon 456 proves it has a double life as an elegant lounge-and-leisure platform. Atop the forward cabin, very comfortable lounge cushions create an incomparable space for sun worshippers. The bow seating area continues the theme of exceptional detail, comfort, and elegant style. Created for those looking for the top-of-the-line alternative to inboard luxury sportfish yachts, the Canyon 456 is the best choice, matched with quad Yamaha 425 engines, ready to roar to the fishing grounds in style. It’s perfect blend of tough battlewagon fishing machine and superior cruising yacht makes this boat packed and ready for adventure.

Today, Grady-White is known for world-class quality, reliability, safety and performance throughout their impressive line up of 26 models; including dual consoles, center consoles, coastal explorers, and cabin boats. Their engineers design, and craftspeople build, unsinkable boats with unsurpassed long-term value. Many Grady-White special features and equipment, are patented exclusive innovations–unmatched by any competitive brand. From better hardware, superior laminates, structural integrity and unsinkable foam flotation, you’ll find only the highest quality components in a Grady-White. Put all of that on top of their trademarked SeaV2 hull and you have an unrivaled craft you’ll be proud to own.

In many ways, Grady-White’s success is due to developing close relationships with its customers and dealerships, asking questions of and carefully listening to boat owners, and incorporating features they’ve requested, to create fun products that make many happy memories. The quest to provide “the ultimate in boating satisfaction” through exceptional attention to detail is the basis for the management style promoted by current company president, Kris Carroll.

Ranked highest in every measure of excellence in any marine industry study ever done, Grady-White Boats has set the standard that other boating manufacturers try to follow. From being recognized for all eight coveted J.D. Power and Associates marine study awards to all 18 consecutive National Marine Manufacturers Association Customer Satisfaction Index Awards, Grady-White has a consistent record of delivering the ultimate boating experience. Through their exceptional attention to detail, Grady-White has achieved levels of customer satisfaction attained by only a few premium products in any industry.

“Every day we strive to enhance the ownership experience and exceed our customer’s expectations,” Grady-White says. “Our customers inspire us!” They are passionate about communicating with them to build the best boat possible, according to their needs. It’s those very relationships that keep them coming back for their second, third and even twentieth Grady-White. Ask any Grady owner and he or she will tell you that Grady-White is the best choice in boating. Visit to learn more about their boats, their history and more.


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