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Hand on Heart - Raising the Bar for Non-Alcoholic Wine

Known as one of California’s premier winegrowing families, the Miller Family have been farming California’s Central Coast for five generations. With a steadfast commitment to showcasing the breadth and value of the region, they’ve built their multi-generational family-owned and operated Miller Family Wine Company into a reputable enterprise widely recognized for making high quality wines sourced from both the family’s own Central Coast estate vineyards and extraordinary vineyards throughout California. For the first time ever, the family is venturing into the non-alcoholic wine space with the launch of Hand on Heart, a brand-new collection of premium, non-alcoholic wines that put quality and taste first and foremost. Hand on Heart was developed in collaboration with Iron Chef Cat Cora, a world-renowned chef, tastemaker, and health and wellness enthusiast, who partnered with the Millers to fulfill the growing consumer demand for great tasting non-alcoholic wines. Hand-crafted by esteemed winemakers with over 50 years of collective experience, and sourced from exceptional vineyards across the leading wine regions of California, Hand on Heart’s lineup of non-alcoholic wines are made for wine lovers who are looking for an occasional change of pace, but don’t want to compromise on taste. Using cutting-edge technology to gently remove the alcohol while preserving the delicate aromas, flavors, and textures—all things the team believes are imperative in great wine—Hand on Heart is raising the bar in the non-alcoholic beverage category.

Veteran winemaker Jonathan Nagy, who has worked with Central Coast grapes for over 20 years, approaches the wines just as he would any premium wine, starting with quality fruit sourced from expertly farmed vineyards and employing hands-on winemaking techniques, before the alcohol is removed. While some non-alcoholic wine brands use a spinning cone or reverse osmosis to dealcoholize the wine, Hand on Heart utilizes an innovative design that gently separates the alcohol from the wine through a filtration system, then reincorporates the essential aroma and flavor volatiles back into the wine in a single pass. The result is a high-caliber, non-alcoholic wine with no loss of aroma or flavor. Indeed, Hand on Heart is breaking standards in the non-alcoholic wine space, showing that zero-alcohol wines can be well balanced, expressive, and delicious. Even more, the wines, including a Rosé, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon, are lower in sugar, calories, and carbs than most other zero- and low-alcohol beverages, making them the perfect fit for the wine-loving wellness enthusiast. While there have been an increasing number of premium non-alcoholic spirit and beer offerings out there, quality non-alcoholic wine options have been extremely limited—until now. Meeting the needs of both the wine lovers seeking more balance and the health conscious who forgo alcohol all together, Hand on Heart is proving you don’t need alcohol to make great wine. Says Cora, “For some time I’ve been on a mission to find a non-alcoholic wine for people like myself who are seekers of superb flavors, want to enjoy a delicious wine, even in the dry times, and aspire to embrace a balance of health, wellness, and great food. So I am thrilled to be involved with Hand on Heart. The wines are vibrant, complex, food-friendly—absolute perfection.”


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