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ICON A5 - Defy Gravity and Your Expectations

Motorcycles and jet skis deliver some of the thrill of flying, but both are hampered by the immutable laws of gravity. The ICON A5 Light Sport Aircraft provides the thrill ride of a lifetime by taking your adventures into 3D and launching you – safely – into the sky.

Have you ever agonized between taking a road trip in your sportscar or taking a seagoing jaunt on your boat to an exotic island? Why not do both in the amphibious ICON A5. The Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) from ICON Aircraft, which is based in Northern California, can be operated under a newer license category created by the FAA to encourage more people to take to the skies. Because aircraft listed in this category are designed to be easy to fly and simple to operate, this introductory license only requires ground training and a minimum of 20 hours of flight time to become a pilot at the center of your own adventures. Just an additional 8 hours of training and you’ll be qualified to fly and land the A5 on the water (did we mention that it’s amphibious and can land on a normal runway or on just about any lake, river, or other waterway?). Simply put, clear your schedule and you can get from passenger to qualified A5 pilot in about a month.

The ICON A5 was built for versatility. With a new, enclosed trailer expected to be released later this year, you can turn your garage or RV spot into your hangar and take your plane on the road. You can launch from a boat ramp or choose for a more conventional approach takeoff from a grass strip or paved runway.

A 100 horsepower Rotax 912 iS engine powers the ICON A5. This engine is the industry leader for small sport airplanes. It uses less than 5 gallons per hour and can run on the same 91 octane fuel as your car or boat. All this means there are very few places you and a partner can’t go in an A5 and you’ll get there at around 100 mph.

With an engaged group of more than 140 owners already flying the across the U.S. (most of whom have never owned an aircraft before the A5), ICON’s community continues to grow as the company continues into the next phase of commercial expansion.

ICON has always been known for innovation and the 2022 model of the A5 is no different. A new avionics package includes an optional autopilot system and several new paint schemes are now available, allowing you to match whatever else might be in your garage or in your hangar.

Now is the time to defy the notion that you can’t learn to fly.

Defy gravity and go on the type of adventure you’ve previously only imagined.


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