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Icon Aircraft - A New Perspective Of Exploration

An innovation for the aviation dreamers. An experience typically though to be a once in a lifetime, until now. ICON Aircraft has revolutionized recreational sport flying with their new aviation creation, the ICON A5. The amphibious light sport aircraft is created for whose who have always dreamed of flying on their own accord and and are ready make dive into making that dream a reality. ICON has innovated an attainable way to recreationally fly that is unlike anything of its kind.

ICON’s mission to invite those who have always dreamed of flying and revolutionize the aviation industry in an accessible, safe, and exhilarating way. ICON prides themselves in their unparalleled safety technology. Essentially everything a new pilot needs to know is all easily read within a one gauge. With your safety secured, you almost The Angle of Attack Gauge is easy to read and quick to understand. ICON has crafted every element of this aircraft with the pilots safety and sense of control in Sport Flying. You’ll fly at ease with security, knowing that the Angle of Attack Gauge, along with other unique security features, are keeping every vital aspect of flying in check.

The simplicity of the flying controls is comparable to that of a life-sized, personal remote control airplane, and it feels as freeing as it sounds. This grants you the ability to be present in that moment, floating above the most breathtaking views, with the freedom and flexibility to explore on both land and water. The ICON A5 is a light sport aircraft, making it is one of the easiest air crafts to learn how to fly. The training process is both half the time and half the price of what is needed for a standard private pilot’s license. Small enough to tow on its trailer, there’s endless possibilities. See, feel, and experience the freedom to take a flight essentially anywhere. Explore the world around you from an adventurous perspective you could have only previously dreamed of.

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