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Kate Bock - Lifestyle Envisioned

Jamie Agoglia: First and foremost, congratulations on the current issue of SI (Sports Illustrated)!

Kate Bock: Thank you, very exciting!

JA: Really quickly on that, I wanted to pay you a huge compliment, not that you need me to tell you this, while you have a magnificent way how you present both yourself and what you’re involved in, on a professional and personal level. You do it in a very unparalleled way, and your dog Vestry is one of the most beautiful animals I have ever seen!

KB: Thank you, every time Kevin (Love) and I are walking around with her we get stopped at least three, four times, people are like “What is this dog?! She’s so pretty!” And she is! She’s such a sweet girl and such a pretty girl. She’s a good little model and a good poser. Right now as we’re speaking her body is smooshed into my body, they’re very attached and very affectionate. She travels all over with me, she went paddle boarding with me this morning.

JA: Love Kate Inc., that is your lifestyle line, when do you plan on potentially launching, and is that a personal passion that you’ve been thinking about for quite some time?

KB: I’m hoping 2021. What I’m realizing more and more, through social media and through my friends, is that I’ve cultivated a way to do really healthy snacks and meals, tips and tricks, make special moments, beautiful ways to work out such as in candle light outside, and people started to just call it “Kate lifestyle,” and we’re trying to figure out how to share that in the most diestable way.

JA: Kate, you’ve had, are having, such an amazing career, you’re so good at what you do. What are a few “aha” moments that you reflect back on as moments, decisions, that changed the trajectory of your career and brought you to this point?

KB: Interesting question! I moved from Vancouver Canada, I was 18, I had finished high school, and all my friends were going to college and moving away to different spots to go to school. At that time I decided to follow through with the opportunity to go to Paris and sign with an agency. Which, at the time (laughing), I was so jealous of my friends going off to college, to have that dorm room experience, that college time to look back on. I went to Paris by myself, I knew nobody, and got on the plane and hoped for the best, and here we are a few years later! I’m so happy with my career, the people I’ve met, the places I’ve traveled, and trusting that moving to a foreign country across the world I’d never been to was going to work out well, was a big moment for me!

JA: Do you ever look back and think “what if I hadn’t done that?!”

KB: I feel like I always knew what I wanted, and envisioned these things in my head, and pictured myself being all over the world, or pictured myself in certain situations, and it all came to be. I’ve had a very strong eye for envisioning my future, and when something became an opportunity, it just seemed like a natural thing to follow through with. I also went to French immersion school so moving to Paris was a little less daunting to me because I could speak the language.

JA: I love that! So then what was your next significant, or even more significant “aha” moment?

KB: After Paris I lived in London, Milan, Tokyo, and then back to Paris, I was there multiple years, and then finally, I had never been to New York, and when I moved to New York that was a huge moment, it’s been my home now for 10+ years, I love New York City, and I do feel like a “New Yorker.” I think I’ve made it after 10 years, I’m officially a “New Yorker” now! That’s my home and that’s the love of my life city-wise. And when I moved to New York I had some really cool jobs and career turning situations, like being cast for Victoria Secret and being cast for Sports Illustrated, doing L’Oreal commercials and got to live out so many of the dreams that I had envisioned by moving to New York.

JA: What do you love so much about New York?

KB: I love that I can walk everywhere! I can just walk out of my apartment and whether you have a plan or not, everything is accessible, and there are always so many amazing things to do, and you’ll never have tried it all, and there’s always more.

BC: I love how you touched upon how you’ve always had a strong sense of being able to envision and see where you’re going, or want to go, or wanting to become, and so what is that right now?

KB: I’m wanting to put together a book of favorite cooking tips, healthy eating tips, lifestyle, my favorite workouts, all of those tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way and that I love. Making healthy food at home. Making your home feel really welcoming. How to host and friends over and have quick, easy ways to prepare. How different workouts can help you throughout the day. Different travel tricks. I’ve learned so much throughout the years, I just want to put it all together and be able to share that. It’s something that I’m really passionate about, that I love, and I feel like I get asked the questions all the time, so I want to be able to have a book that I can share.

JA: And what a valuable time to be doing that in our current society, never have people been more focused on the home and how much they want to enhance their home lifestyle.

KB: Exactly, there are some silver linings. Obviously COVID is horrible, while there are some linings, and it’s the perfect time to focus on the home life, and eating healthy, and being active, and a focus on both your physical health and your mental health.


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