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LTW Design - "Del Mar" Project

Based on the East Coast, LTW Design (often referred to as just LTW) has staged the most sought-after properties in New York, Connecticut, and The Hamptons. The LTW team, led by CEO/founder Leia T. Ward, takes a hands-on collaborative interior marketing approach individualized for each property to create a lifestyle experience for the targeted buyer demographic. They have an enormous warehouse of their own furniture which they pull from to create the cohesive editorial look in all of their projects.

This recent project is a stunning waterfront home in upstate New York. “What I love about this property is the symmetry of the architecture. It was designed and built so that everything on one side of the home is mirrored on the other side. I love the balance and we took that same approach when creating the staging design for it,” explains Leia. She and her team mirrored their furnishings and floor plan layout throughout the home. A chaise on one side and another chaise on the opposite side. “Symmetry allows for a calm feeling and we always like to evoke a sense of calm in our stagings, our lives are busy enough and we believe that buyers should walk into a house and feel at ease and comfortable, like its home,” says Leia.

Luxury homeowners understand the value of marketing the interior of their homes for sale, and LTW Design has quickly become the go-to staging firm sellers are turning to when preparing their property for market. Leia has created a strategic approach for selling homes that has proven effective and sold over $200M of real estate.


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