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MegaRexx™ Trucks - MegaRaptor

Do you LOVE the aggressive looks and off-road performance of the Ford Raptor, but need big disel power? Starting with your Ford F-250, F-350, or F-450 Super Duty, MegaRexx™ Trucks will build you an incredible MegaRaptor™.

Take a Ford F-250, F-350, or F-450 with brute diesel power and a strong straight axle up front. Sure, it’s a pretty solid truck, but simply doesn’t have the “sport” look that most people want, nor does it possess any real off-road capability. Megarexx decided to design and build a truck based on several key points, to give our customers the best truck possible, at a reasonable price.

The MegaRaptor™ conversion of 2011-2021 Ford F-250, F-350, and F-450 Super Duty trucks is all they do! They have been building and selling Ford Super Duty trucks for over 20 years! Lifted Ford trucks are a specialty we mastered long ago and we were one of the first off-road shops in the business.

Each and every MegaRaptor™ they build is custom... and that’s all they build. During the past 30+ years, they’ve built all kinds of Jeeps, lifted Jeeps, 4-door Jeep TJ’s, and Jeep pickups, but all we build now is the MegaRaptor™. We often have Ford Super Duty trucks for sale and, on rare occasions, a pre-owned MegaRaptor™.

Most people ship their Ford F-250/F-350/F-450 for a conversion. They install a mild 2.5” lift using tough Icon™ suspensions, or you can go all out, with long travel, coilovers, bypass shocks, etc. Our proprietary off-road body panels give the MegaRaptor™ the “trophy truck” look while retaining the ability to tow! Ford Super Duty trucks can tow 3X that of a standard Ford Raptor. They believe in the Ford 6.7L turbo diesel engine and highly recommend you purchase your truck with that powerplant.

All of our trucks are professionally built and, as such, will help to uphold the resale value of your truck and ensure that you won’t come across cheap versions that bring down the value. Their fit and finish are of the highest quality in the automotive industry. The paint is done in a dust-free paint booth by the best in the business. The fiberglass is hand-laid, cured for a least two weeks prior to use, and is 100% made in the USA. See our video showing a Case tractor driving over our fiberglass with no damage!

Ordering a MegaRaptor™ is pretty easy. It all starts with a phone call so they can review your dream truck. They’ll review options and any special requests, create an estimate in their cloud-based software, and send it to you via email. Once you are ready to order, simply click “Pay” on your quote, look for the “Amount to Remit” and send in a $5,000 deposit. This locks in your place in line to have the conversion done. Since they often have a waiting list of a few months prior to accepting new projects, you need to secure your place in line, and your deposit does just that.

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