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Where Fashion & Function Coexist - Michael Louis

New York based accessories brand Michael Louis (@michaellouisny) has paved the way for bringing quality craftsmanship and individuality to the forefront of fashion accessories. Michael Louis Maddaloni has been designing and producing leather goods under the eponymous Michael Louis brand, and has quickly become a recognized name in leather accessories. A refreshing outlook on what luxury means today is celebrated with a recognition of consumer appreciation for handmade products and the ability to tailor products to individual customers.

When it comes to style, New York is known as a fashion forward, trend-setting capital of the world. Between the diversity of people, bustling energy, creativity and opportunities, it’s easy to be inspired in The Big Apple. Michael cites these same factors as influences to start his own brand in 2012.

New York has always been a part of Michael’s DNA. He was born and raised in Long Island, NY and later went on to university in New York City, which was when the idea behind the Michael Louis brand came to be. “I wanted to create a brand that was versatile, and not limited to a particular gender, professional, location, or season. I thought, what is something everyone needs, that can be useful in their daily lives. The diversity in New York really influenced this thought process and developed my company into what it is today.”

On top of the New York influence, the Michael Louis brand has worldwide appeal. Fashion conscious consumers that also care about quality and practicality can fully appreciate the thoughtful designs that in turn are covetable style statements.

Now more than ever consumers are prioritizing traditional values, like the care that goes into making products, especially luxury goods, and how the product speaks to their lifestyle whether it be practicality or personality. The Michael Louis collection focuses on practical products such as leather phone cases, wallets, and key holders. Not only is the core collection comprised of items that you can use on a daily basis, but they are all crafted with the utmost care, attention to detail, and consumer behavior in mind. Each product design is optimized to add value to your everyday life. Let’s face it, you can’t leave home without your phone, wallet, and keys, so why not accessorize your essentials in style?

Michael Louis is recognized for elevated accessories and timeless design, delivering high quality leather goods in unique colors and textures for everyday essentials. Premium leathers are sourced from around the world with selected skilled artisans assembling products in New York. A focus on quality, function, and durability make the Michael Louis collection truly stand out. Practicality is embraced with protective yet stylish leather phone cases and slim yet functional wallets, where fashion and function coexist. For one example, the leather iPhone cases are crafted with a shock-absorbing blended case mold that provides ample protection in case of drops or impact, with a 360-degree raised edge for the front screen and camera lens. There are porthole openings for the speakers, charger, and volume switch, while providing full button coverage on the volume and power functions. The inside case is lined with genuine lambskin for added support with the exterior of the case mold inset with premium grade leathers such as pebbled grain, exotic python or croc. Your ever so valuable mobile device can be safely and stylishly protected with a Michael Louis phone case.

While Michael Louis has become widely known for their best-selling python leather phone cases, wallets, and key holders, the brand has since expanded into other accessories beyond the essentials including AirPods cases, Apple watch straps, passport holders, handbags, and more. They have been able to grow their product portfolio essentially at the request of their customers, which is inherently a formula for success.

At the core, the Michael Louis brand empowers the community to express themselves and take pride in their individual identity. By offering complimentary personalization, each piece can be made completely unique to you as a statement of self-expression. Make a statement with your favorite phrases or symbols, or monogram the case with your initials as a reflection of your unique identity. The attention placed on craftsmanship of each Michael Louis product is few and far between. It is no surprise they have become one of the world’s premier leather accessories companies.


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