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Nicole Forina Home - Jersey Beach Perfection

Nicole Forina of Nicole Forina Home was extremely flattered when the homeowner approached her to assist with her newly constructed home in Monmouth County, NJ. This homeowner is the former owner of the extremely successful trade-only Schwartz Design Showroom.

Nicole’s client has always had a vacation home in Monmouth County, but it was time for her to put down fresh roots and explore the world of new construction. She purchased property nearby and selected her architect and builder, Dave Kinsel of North End Builders. When it came time to select lighting, paint, and furniture, that’s where Nicole stepped in.

This homeowner did a fantastic job working with the Schwartz team to set the foundation. The home has a modern, open floor plan infused with elements of farmhouse charm. Most noticeably, the kitchen is fit for entertaining. Bob and Dawn of Certified Kitchens equipped the homeowner with all the necessary luxuries of a high-end chef. The island is an enormous prep space, but still nearly dwarfed by the giant globes illuminating the area overhead. Organization and function are on par with the beauty of this space—every nook and cranny is utilized to perfection.

As soon as you step through the front door you have a clear view of the two-story living room, dining area, and kitchen space. Nicole really wanted the entire home to feel comfortable and casual, but still refined. While the overall framework seems more modern, the furniture is made of warm wood tones; rattan; and soft, slubby fabrics. Textured wallcoverings adorn the dining room in cork with metallic-silver accents, while the powder room gets a pop of persimmon grass cloth. A palette of neutral tones—hints of black and rusty orange weaving through each room—unify the whole space.

Every piece of furniture was thoughtfully customized and brought to life by the talented artisans of Schwartz Design Showroom. The buffet from 7th & Seventh was perfectly fitted into the dining room nook, and its velvet-lined drawers are not to be outdone by its sandy-finished oak exterior. In order to bring light up to the second story living room, Nicole customized large tubed sconces made of mesh to cast soft light in the evening.

Even the outside of the house is a standout on the block. While white siding and black window sashes create a farmhouse foundation, the metal roof and modern outdoor lighting by Hubbardton Forge sets this home apart from its neighbors. And the segmented concrete-slabbed driveway is an absolute fan favorite!


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