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Orrefors - Now Arriving From Sweden

Orrefors is a Swedish crystal company that was established in 1898. The Orrefors range offers everything from glass tableware and homeware items to art that are all created by our well-known designers and skilled craftsmen. Known for the highest possible quality and exquisite design, Orrefors has been the recipient of numerous design awards and has partnered with well-known guest designers including Karl Lagerfeld and Karim Rashid. Orrefors designs have and continue to be displayed in museums throughout the world.

Orrefors represents quality and Scandinavian design combined with contemporary style and ease of use. At Orrefors you will find everything from dishwasher-safe crystal glasses to hand-made crystal vases. Whether you are looking for everyday glass tableware or an exclusive gift for a special occasion, you are sure to find the perfect item in Orrefors’ extensive range.

Kosta Boda is a Swedish glass company that was established 275 years ago. With its rich personality and wide variety, Kosta Boda’s range offers everything from familiar glass tableware to innovative glass design pieces, all created by our well-known designers and skilled craftsmen. Kosta Boda’s playful and boldly designed products are a natural addition to any home décor. Our creative designers produce expressive objects with great personality to complement any home, any room, anywhere. Unique and Limited Edition Kosta Boda Art Glass pieces are collected by individuals and museums and showcased in exhibits and public installations all over the world over.


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