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Rande Gerber - Casamigos Launches Cristalino

“The process is very unique,” says Gerber. “ With our Casamigos Cristalino, we have a tequila that has the complexity and character of our reposado with the clear, crisp, bright notes of our blanco.”

Gerber was inspired to add a Cristalino to the existing Casamigos family due to the growing curiosity about Cristalino in the States. Gerber was heavily involved in finding the perfect taste for the Cristalino, he says “It took many samples for us to create the perfect flavor. We wanted to create something that we were proud of, something that we would drink.”

Casamigos Cristalino fits seamlessly into our existing family lineup, incorporating the same classic bottle design as the Blanco, Reposado and Anejo. “Our cristalino fits nicely into our lineup and keeping the bottle the same makes sense,” says Gerber.

Casamigos Cristalino is now available nationwide and offered in all key sizes of 750mL, 1L and 375mL with average MSRPs of $73.99 1L, $60.99 750ml and $31.99 375ml.


Casa Cristalino Martini

2.5 oz. Casamigos Cristalino TequilaBrought to you by those who drink it. Casamigos was founded 10 years ago by longtime friends George Clooney, Rande Gerber, and Discovery Land Company CEO & founder Michael Meldman. Tequila-filled nights with friends is how Casamigos was born. Their idea was to make the best-tasting, smoothest tequila whose taste didn’t have to be covered up with salt or lime. So they did.

Casamigos founder Rande Gerber is excited to introduce Casamigos Cristalino. Casamigos Cristalino Reposado is the latest product launch since Casamigos Mezcal was released in 2018.

“Our Casamigos Cristalino is incredibly complex and full of character,” says Gerber. “We’re extremely proud to add this to our Casamigos family and share with our House of Friends.”

The Cristalino is made with the award winning, ultra-premium Casamigos Reposado Tequila. While most cristalinos on the market are anejo-based, the newest addition to the Casamigos family combines the rich texture and character of the well-loved most popular Casamigos Reposado making Casamigos Cristalino incredibly smooth and delicious with no burn.

Casamigos Cristalino Reposado is made from 100% Blue Weber agave from the rich red clay soil of the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The reposado is twice distilled and aged to perfection in American white oak barrels, then carefully charcoal filtered to restore the crisp, bright agave flavor found in Blanco Tequila while maintaining some of the cask notes. The filtration process removes the golden honey color of the Reposado, resulting in a crystal-clear spirit. Casamigos Cristalino is perfect neat or in cocktails.

1 oz. Blanc Vermouth

Lemon Oils

Garnish Lemon Peel Boat

Combine all ingredients into a glass mixer. Add ice, stir well for 30-50 seconds and strain into a chilled martini or coupe glass. Express natural lemon oils from peel over top of cocktail, then garnish.

C & Soda

1.5 oz. Casamigos Cristalino Tequila

4 oz. Club Soda

Garnish Upside Down Grapefruit Wedge

Pour Casamigos Cristalino Tequila directly into a collins glass. Add ice, top off with club soda and garnish.


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