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Scout Boats' Luxury Sportfishing Legacy

Scout is recognized the world over for building luxury sportfishing center console, dual console and inshore/bay boat models ranging from 17’ to 53’. Since our founding three decades ago, our company’s goal has been to manufacture the best-built boats in their distinctive sportfishing niches. Each Scout hull is a true original, as our in-house research and design team works closely with engineering to take concepts from blueprint to production more efficiently, growing our company’s world-class reputation for quality, strength, durability and value.

From our design to your destination, there’s nothing like a Scout. Industry-first innovations, uncompromising build quality and precise attention to detail are fused into each model. Alluring lines that perform on top of the water like the prize catch you’re chasing under it. Experiences waiting to be had. Lasting memories to be made. Heads to turn.

Choosing Scout means you’ve made the decision to be aboard the elite. If this is your first, those before you will tell you it won’t be your last. Taking the family out for the day, fishing your offshore sweet spot or chasing the sun down along the coast… a Scout is all, and can do all.

Creating award-winning models that separate us from the industry mediocrity first starts with having the finest craftsmanship; unparalleled boat building experience that spans our entire manufacturing facility. Knowledge to know how to do things the right way. Talent to know how to do those things better. Courage to do the old things a new way. Every Scout team member that has a hand on your boat has pride and precision in what they’re building, and for whom they’re building. Glide your fingertips anywhere across the model. Feel 100% hand-laid fiberglass construction, the luxury of the upholstery, the richness in the accents. Feel the clean design inside and out, all the way to the completely-finished bilges and underside of all doors, lids and hatches. Bow to stern, port to starboard, above deck and below, everywhere you look and touch you’re experiencing the Scout difference.

Standing at the helm, you feel the passion. Wrap your fingers around the steering wheel and you’re not just touching any boat. You’re engaging with a technologically advanced, fully crafted vessel that brings modernity and

unconventional style together. The horsepower, the touch screens, the patents, the countless hours that have gone into designing and producing the very best coastal sportfishing boat in its class are now at your fingertips.

Are you aboard a boat, at the wheel of a high-performance luxury sports car, or inside a private jet? Questions you ask yourself as you tour our models and realize just how different Scout truly is from the competition.

Our foundation is comprised of integrity and innovations. We want to make your on-the-water experience like no other, so we continually develop trend-setting, clever designs that bring a modern, sophisticated edge to your boat. Improved efficiency and performance. Elevated comfort and safety. All creating a heightened status.

Timeless styling and painstaking perfection are fused into every model our Scout family builds. We continue to be first-to-market with our industry-leading innovations and groundbreaking ideas. We are a fresh, vibrant company that’s changing the history of boating by bringing you the future of boating.

Our Scout customer family continues to spread across the world, and with our model size range, you’re sure to find the perfect model. If you’re ready to upgrade and join our growing family…then you’re ready to Discover More.


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