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Tropic Ocean Airways - The Definition of Laidback Luxury

Travel has taken on a new face over the past 12 months. While there’s no shortage of wanderlust, the list of things to consider has vastly changed. One very visible segment that has been impacted is air travel. While commercial air options were prolific prior to the pandemic, routes have been significantly reduced and consumer confidence has shifted.

The change in travels needs and wants have allowed specialized operators like Tropic Ocean Airways to shine even brighter than before, appealing to an audience that has a desire to travel, but values safety and health as much as being in the destination. Tropic Ocean Airways was founded in 2009 and currently operates a fleet of 13 Cessna Caravans, 11 of them amphibious. Each aircraft can carry up to 9 passengers and always run with a two-pilot crew for safety, which goes above and beyond the standard regulations. Safety is always at the forefront for this company, which is evidenced by their ARGUS gold rating, a representation of the highest level of quality in aviation.

And this isn’t just a sterile fix for the current global travel conditions – it’s quite sexy! Their pilots are young and highly trained. The planes have leather seats and an expansive cargo capacity, meaning you can bring that extra pair of shoes you’re not sure if you’ll actually wear. The airline is extremely pet friendly as well, so that takes care of figuring out who will look after your four-legged crew.

Moreover, you can land on and takeoff from the water. For anyone who hasn’t experienced this firsthand, add it to your bucket list. There is an air of rebellion and civility that co-exist perfectly with seaplane travel. The landing is so smooth and the takeoff, so exhilarating. You’ll be making memories and snapping pictures that are sure to be the envy of your friends.

If this past year has taught us anything, it is that memories and time spent together are some of the most cherished “things” money can buy. Investing in a getaway that doesn’t involve chatter around a myriad of anxiety-arousing topics is the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones. It’s like a hot bath for the soul.

That said, while everyone is yearning to travel somewhere fabulous, they want to do so in a naturally socially distanced manner that gets them there quickly, using the safest travel corridors possible. The very nature of private aviation lends itself to creating an intimate experience. When chartering a plane with Tropic Ocean Airways, you are with your chosen group of family and friends. The ability to land on water and pull up to a remote resort like Kamalame Cay in Andros, Bahamas or to a private yacht in the waters of the Exumas, means your options are endless for worry-free travel. The direct access to these remote locales also maximizes time efficiencies and allows for minimal touchpoints along the way.

If you’re looking to get back to travel with confidence and ease, this is the way to go. Their convenient headquarters in Fort Lauderdale at the Sheltair FBO is just across the tarmac from the Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International airport, making transfers to and from commercial flights a breeze. The entire check-in process is seamless, and you board in a private terminal, which offers complimentary valet services.

Want to fly from Miami instead? No problem! Tropic Ocean Airways has flights from the Miami Seaplane Base, just opposite the cruise terminal. This experience gives you an unparalleled vista upon takeoff and landing as you race the other boats departing from the inlet as you slowly begin to elevate above the water while making your way over the Atlantic Ocean and South Beach skyline. It’s a memory and story you’ll never forget!

This type of travel has gotten so popular it is now referred to as sticky travel – once you try it, you’ll hardly ever want to go back to flying commercial. There is something so easy about this mode of travel that it beats all other options.

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