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VistaJet Hosts 'The Surprise Reunion'

The notion of privacy and safety has become increasingly important for global travelers. With 79% of UHNWIs more inclined to travel privately than ever before, the private aviation industry is experiencing an increasing spike in demand as travelers turn away from long airport lines and crowded commercial flights. For first-time private jet passengers, a good entry point into the market would be booking through an operator in the shared sector. With fractional and ownership, in addition to asset depreciation, most customers don’t realize the additional costs and restrictions that come with maintaining and owning an aircraft over time. VistaJet is pioneering innovative solutions across its subscription membership offerings and global fleet of over 80 branded aircraft — including Global 7500s, Global 6000s, Global 5000s, Challenger 850s, Challenger 605s, Challenger 604 and Challenger 350s — allowing customers to take comfort in their commitment to flexibility of travel, safety, privacy, and unrivaled services.

To continue serving their Members, VistaJet offers multi-generational adventures designed to bring families and friends together from every corner of the globe. Through its Adventures in the Sky program, “The Surprise Reunion” is for loved ones of all ages; commencing at 45,000ft in the sky. Whether on a little known sandy island in the Pacific Ocean or a stunning mountain with untouched snow as far as the eye can see, gatherings will be completely unique and original. Prior to each journey, exciting and mysterious packages, including trip itineraries and challenge instructions, are delivered at each guest’s door. From there, VistaJet will ensure seamless travel by private jet from anywhere in the world, to the final destination. With unparalleled experience flying into and out of the hardest to reach destinations and onboard service unlike any other, The Surprise Reunion flights are remarkable. As friends and family may be flying simultaneously on separate VistaJet aircraft, all in-flight activities and challenges will share a common theme to create an atmosphere of togetherness leading up to the reunion. Able to fly anytime, free of responsibilities and asset risks, VistaJet Members have access to over 96% of the world with the ultimate cabin experience. The Surprise Reunion encourages Members to spend time together — exploring new places, creating new traditions, and celebrating every moment big and small year-round.


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