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AirShare - The Perfect Fit for However You Fly

Whether you travel weekly or just a few times a year, for business, for pleasure or a mix of both, one thing is certain: you deserve complete control over your schedule. Flying private makes seizing that control easy. However, finding the private aviation program to perfectly fit your unique travel needs – often, that isn’t so easy. After all, most private aviation companies have just a few standard offerings along with the expectation that you’ll adjust your needs to fit one of them. But, what’s private about that?

Flying far from the status quo is Airshare. With a broad range of solutions and the expertise to customize them, Airshare has the uncommon ability to craft a plan that perfectly fits you. How does it work? It starts with one of Airshare’s simple and straightforward programs that can then be tailored to your exact needs.

Aircraft Management

If you own your own plane or if you’re in the market for one and could use guidance through the process, Airshare’s Aircraft Management Program is the ideal basis for your custom plan. From pricing to process, Airshare will manage the entire lifecycle of your aircraft with honesty and clarity.

All your plane’s maintenance will be performed on-site by the most capable hands. Airshare’s in-house maintenance center happens to be an FAA Part 145 repair station and Embraer Authorized Service Center. Need to make last-minute arrangements? Airshare’s Owner Services Team is available 24/7 to handle every detail of your travel right down to the beverages on board. As a bonus, you’ll have the ability to offset your operational costs by allowing Airshare to charter your aircraft when you don’t need it.

Fractional Shares

If you need to take at least 15 trips a year but don’t travel enough to justify owning your own aircraft, Airshare’s Fractional Program will be the best place to start. With fractional shares, you’ll essentially own 1/16th of an aircraft in Airshare’s impressive fleet.

Unlike other companies’ fractional programs in which a 1/16th share gives you a set number of hours (usually 50), with Airshare you’ll get 20 days. And, because Airshare allows you to fly unlimited hours in a day (up to a maximum 14-hour crew duty day), you could fly significantly more hours than with other programs.

Another clear advantage: Airshare’s planes and crews stay with you throughout the day when you need them to. So, if your meeting ends early – no worries, your plane is ready for you. Want to add another stop? You can do that too. With Airshare, it truly is your plane for the day.


If you need to take around 10 trips per year, Airshare’s EMBARK Jet Card Program is the ideal start for your plan. With the EMBARK Jet Card, you’ll have all the same benefits of Airshare’s fractional program, just with fewer days. And, while most private aviation companies expect you to pay the program fee and the entire cost of your hours upfront, Airshare lets you pay as you fly.


Even if you travel infrequently, some trips are just too important to put in the hands of a commercial airline. Maybe you have a critical meeting with a new client. Maybe it’s an event where exact timing of your arrival is crucial. If you have just one or two of these trips a year, Airshare’s Charter Services is the best place to start.

Not only will you fly above all the pitfalls of commercial travel, you’ll also be in the perfect aircraft for your particular trip. Airshare has access to a diverse fleet of aircraft and access to thousands of additional aircraft worldwide.

And skip those connecting flights and games of planes, trains and automobiles. With Airshare, you’ll have access to ten times the number of airports than you would flying commercial. Any destination in the US and Europe will be easily within reach.

Your Perfect Approach

Need something in between one of these offerings? That’s where Airshare excels. Maybe you want to own your own aircraft but charter another one from time to time. Maybe you want fractional shares with a few travel days added on top. Perhaps you just need a surefire way to leave the country a few times a year. Airshare can make it all happen. With the highest level of safety, simplicity and attention to detail, Airshare’s area of focus is always you.

Allow Airshare to fit the way you fly.


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