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Alys Beach House - Oxford Architecture

If you have ever been down to the coast of 30A, you will understand its overwhelming appeal to many. The water is clear blue matched with perfectly white sand. Multiple beach towns cover the coast but one stands out from all the rest. Alys Beach, a high profile community that has drawn attention from all over the world due to its architecture.

These custom fortified homes are all of a cohesive white stucco exterior with a European architectural spin. The cobblestone streets take your mind out of Florida and into the roads of Italy. This is what enticed Glen Oxford and Rozanne Jackson to add a home of their own. Together, the Nashville architect and designer have taken the high design in Alys to the next level.

Beginning in a charming storefront in Franklin TN, Rozanne entered the home design industry through her curated selection of candles. Now over the past 24 years, Rozanne has risen to be one of Nashville’s most sought after designers with 2 retail locations in Tennessee. Her sense of timeless style with one of a kind pieces allows her client’s home to reach their full potential and last for years to come.

Rozanne’s clients range from some of Nashville’s biggest country music stars all the way to new custom builds along the Alys Beach coast. When designing this home with her husband, Rozanne knew this was not going to be like her other projects with clients. “We were able to brainstorm and dream together from the very beginning. Every step of the way, we were able to collaborate and bounce ideas off of each other in a way that you can’t always do with other architects/builders/etc. This was our home with no outside limitations which is something that we don’t typically see in our everyday business projects.”

This property sits alongside the popular Alys Beach Calina Pool, which Glen concluded that the front entry of the home had to be dramatic. A soaring tower was created and within it lies many custom details created by Glen himself. “The front entry tower was created as the main focal point of the exterior. I wanted the height of this tower to create interest for people passing by with a variety of custom details inside. The copper pendant light that hangs from the tower is a custom design I created with a local Nashville artisan. We also designed the tile’s star shape that you will actually find accented throughout our home in various materials.”

Upon entering the home, an overwhelming sense of balance fills the space. Neutral furnishings are paired with French limestone and French oak floors by Francois & Company. Each vignette falls into high design all while maintaining a subtle coastal feel. “When selecting our fabrics and furnishings, I wanted there to be a relaxed style to each space. In Nashville, Glen and I are constantly on the go at job sites. When we came to this home I wanted it to be a change of pace. A place to come, unwind and be creative!” Rozanne expresses.

After spending some time in their home, you can see just how well Glen and Rozanne’s designs complement each other. With the fast growth of Nashville over the past few years, the two have found themselves at work on some new and exciting projects. “We recently completed a job that we were both on in the popular 12th South area in Nashville. This home was another great success that we are excited to share more on soon. We also have two projects within the next year where we’ll be able to work together. These will be an opportunity to really push both our creative designs to new levels!” Glen states.


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