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An Exclusive Interview - Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei, Owner/CEO of Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry

Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry is a boutique psychotherapy, psychiatry, and life coaching establishment offering services throughout the United States, providing integrated and personalized mental healthcare services to its clients. They have been recognized for their dedication and are this year’s winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Concierge Medicine in the USA. We spoke with Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei, Owner and CEO of Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry about her company’s journey and the successes that have allowed her to be recognized as one of the best in the mental health industry.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Please, give us an introduction about yourself? What industry were you in before you founded Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry?

Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei: Before opening Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry, I was working at a state hospital with forensic mental health patients. While I loved this work, I realized that there was an entirely different group that often had difficulty accessing services: those needing a higher level of access and confidentiality than can be found in a typical therapy office. This inspired me to open Concierge Psychology.

LLA: Tell us about your journey as founder of the company from when you started it up until now?

Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei: A couple years after opening Concierge Psychology, as I realized the demand was too much for one person, I began adding highly qualified psychologists to the practice, and finally hired our own in-house psychiatrist so that we could provide more well-rounded and holistic, high-quality services to our clients. Thus was born Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry. We now serve clients in over 25 states using a combination of in-person and telehealth services, always keeping quality of, and access to, care as a top priority.

LLA: Can you briefly tell us how the pandemic has impacted you in terms of the mental health care system? Have you seen an increase in the need for your services during these unprecedented times?

Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei: During the Covid-19 Pandemic we have definitely seen an increase in reports of many mental health symptoms, including anxiety depression, and overall stress. We are also seeing an increase in the number of people seeking services as acceptance and acknowledgement of the importance of mental health care is increasing.

LLA: How would you describe your industry before the pandemic?

Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei: Mental healthcare has always been a vital industry, providing support, help, and hope to those dealing with mental health issues. However, I think that oftentimes, before the pandemic, people felt that they needed a diagnosis in order to be in therapy, whereas we now see people reaching out much sooner, for things like overall life stress.

LLA: What was your inspiration behind the launch of Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry?

Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei: In 2014 the news media ran a number of stories about professional athletes with marital, anger and substance abuse issues. Around this same time, a new political-drama aired on television, and in on episode a politician lost his position due to the public finding out he was in therapy. While the latter was fictional, all of this caused me to re-examine the way psychotherapy is made available to people in sensitive positions, such as athletes, politicians, and other public figures. At the time, there were only two other concierge mental health practices in the country (per a Google search) and that told me there was desperate need for services from people with the specific and unique challenges that come with high-profile and high-status positions.

LLA: What part of being a psychologist do you enjoy the most?

Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei: One of the wonderful aspects of my field is that it is always expanding, and new research and knowledge come out nearly every day. I am constantly learning and improving as a psychologist, and being able to use that knowledge to help people improve their lives is extremely rewarding.

LLA: How do you accomplish such a high-ranking level of service at Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry? You and your team come highly recommended.

Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei: We prioritize patient care and customer service above all else. While other models are focused on getting as many clients in the door as possible, we limit the number of clients we will accept and do our best to ensure that each client is paired with the best therapist or psychiatrist for their specific needs. We also won’t hesitate to refer out, because at the end of the day what is most important is that our clients get the best possible care for their needs.

LLA: What future changes and predictions do you foresee in the mental health industry?

Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei: I have been so happy to see the acceptance of mental health care growing, and I expect we will see that trend continue. People are realizing that mental health is just as important as physical health, and in truth, you can’t really have one without the other.

LLA: What projections do you see for your company’s development, and do you have any exciting plans to branch your offices out in the future?

Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei: Concierge Psychology & Psychiatry will continue to grow and adapt to meet the needs of our clients. As of today, we are able to offer mental health services across 27 states, and we plan to continue expanding into more states and territories to meet the needs of existing and future clients.

LLA: On a final note, how do you feel about winning a 2021 Luxury Lifestyle Award in the category of Best Luxury Concierge Medicine in USA?

Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei: We are absolutely honored to receive the Luxury Lifestyle Award and to be counted among some of the top businesses in the world. We will continue to strive to be one of the best in our field, providing unprecedented and uncompromising care to our clients every day.


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