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GLDMND - Nicole Lindstrom

GLDMND is a source of inspiration for those yearning to reconnect to the innate brilliance within, serving as a catalyst for authentic self-discovery. Providing insight and knowledge - GLDMND ignites inner wisdom and guides the individual forward into higher states of consciousness, accessing the infinite realm of possibility to inspire a fully expressed life.

At the deepest level of ourselves, what we truly desire is not wealth in gold, but wealth in experience. What we find to be most precious and beautiful is INSIGHT, INSPIRATION, WISDOM, CONNECTION.

We desire gold of mind.

Welcome to your true wealth, the gold that lies within.

GLDMND is your one stop shop for all things inspired.

Home to mind/body/spirit classes, workshops, courses and retreats as well as mindful travel guides + products, all designed and curated for the intentional individual.

Our intention is to inspire you to be your best self, fully connected with your innate brilliance and aligned with your heart’s deepest calling. Our passion is connecting groups and individuals with what they find to be most inspiring, most insightful, most meaningful - a felt experience of authentic truth, connection and happiness.

Founder Nicole Lindstrom is a yoga and meditation teacher who teaches all over the world. She is the co-author of “WANDERLUST : A Modern Yogi’s Guide To Becoming Your Best Self” and founder of GLDMND, guiding individuals and groups to the gold that lies within.

Nicole’s classes have a large focus on applying the yogic technology of Himalayan Kundalini (breath work, kriya, asana, meditation) for self-transformation in mind body spirit. Graduate of the University of Santa Monica’s Soul-Centered Living program, Nicole integrates the practical tools of Spiritual Psychology with her holistic approach to teaching. Nicole’s classes are grounded and explorative, with introspection + depth.

In December 2021, Nicole launched her first online store - The Meditation Room. It will have a curated selection of handmade items designed to make you fall in love with your meditation space, as well as digital meditation classes, workshops and courses.

After discovering the mastery of craft in Oaxaca, Nicole sources all of her products from individuals she deeply admires and is honored to support, making the majority of featured products one of a kind. Her shop will include hand sewn, hand dyed (with earth friendly dyes) meditation cushions, meditation scarves, as well as handmade incense holders, incense, herb smudge sticks, and smudge bowls.

Nicole also leads cacao journeys throughout the Roaring Fork Valley - where she pairs drinking ceremonial grade, Legacy Cacao, with a group practice, weaving together pranayama, kriya, asana and meditation.

Legacy is the world’s the world’s purest ceremonial-grade sipping chocolate. Prepared by only women, and mixed in ceremony by a Mayan Priestess in accordance with the original Mayan recipe - a secret only given to one respected elder at a time.

Legacy Cacao has been entrusted with the honor and responsibility of being the only bridge between this ancient legacy and the rest of the world - in service to you and to this royal lineage of Mayan people gifting us with their most potent plant medicine.

Nicole’s Legacy Cacao Journeys also incorporate writing - to aid the individual in connecting more fully with their authentic truth - gaining insight into what is present within their heart and mind.

In February 2022, Nicole will guide an intimate group through Oaxaca, starting in the city and ending on the beach of Puerto Escondido. Nicole’s retreat’s are largely experience focused - infused with intentional programming and mindfulness practices - such as yoga and meditation. Nicole curates her groups to include heart-centered individuals who have a love for exploring new places and connecting with new individuals.


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