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ICON A5 - Elevate Your Life

Whether you’re already a pilot, always wanted to be, or never thought you could, the ICON A5 will expand your worldview.

This personal aircraft was designed to take you wherever you want to go, ensuring that the journey is just as memorable as the destination. Fly with the windows out and splash down gracefully on the water. Coast up to your boat dock. Or beach the A5 on the nearest sandbar and hop out to feel the sand between your toes. The ICON A5 is an amphibious seaplane that can fly over 400 miles on a tank of auto or aviation fuel, land on a conventional runway or on the water, and only takes about two months for a new pilot to learn to fly.

The ICON A5 fuses world-class engineering and product design with unprecedented safety features. The plane has a full aircraft parachute to provide the ultimate peace of mind, while the design of the cockpit is strikingly similar to the luxury sportscar likely parked in your garage. Flying has never been this fun or this easy. And because the ICON A5 has a spin resistant design to prevent inadvertent loss of control, even a learning pilot can be at the controls with confidence.

Versatility is really what sets the ICON A5 apart from the rest. Wings fold and this aircraft can be stored in the RV spot in your yard or in your boathouse, redefining what “hangar” means. With the wings folded, you can also take your ICON A5 on the road. An optional custom trailer can be used to tow your A5 behind a standard SUV, opening enormous possibilities as to where you can take your adventures.

If you’ve always dreamed of flying but never made it happen, this is the time and the ICON A5 is the reason. This is the aircraft that was designed to introduce you to personal aviation at its finest. And if you are already an experienced pilot, you can be sure you’ve never done flying like this before.

When you need to get from A to B quickly for business, take the jet, sit in back, and enjoy the silence at 30,000 feet. When you want to live in vivid 3D, take the controls of your A5 and enjoy life-changing adventures at 500 feet (and below), with the windows out. The Bahamas, the Keys, Lake Country, a weekend run up the coast. Unlimited adventures await.

For discerning adventurers and travelers who want access to some of the most beautiful places on the planet, the A5 was created to make getting there the best part.

Find out more about the ICON A5 and our ownership community. To learn more, visit

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